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World’s #1 Bike-Sharing Program Celebrates 6-Year Anniversary (Infographic)

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Reposted from Bikocity:

Vélib, Paris’ groundbreaking bike-sharing program that one could argue is responsible for the boom in 3rd-generation bike-sharing programs in major cities around the world (I would argue that), has now been around for 6 years. (Wow. Time flies….)

To commemorate the anniversary, the Vélib team created the wonderful infographic below (h/t The Bike-sharing Blog). Check the whole thing out, but in text, here are two of the most fascinating facts:

  • The top Vélib stations have a bike checked out every second!
  • Vélib is the top bike-sharing program in terms of bikes per inhabitant (at least, among major cities) with 1 bike per 97 inhabitants.

velib anniversary

OK, I’ll admit, I didn’t understand some of the French statements in there.

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  • S.Nkm

    6 years of velib’

    First day station: Saint Paul – Paris 4th district
    First night station: Bastille – Paris 11th district
    1 bicycle rented every second

    173 millions trips
    Around the world 9,500 times
    990 round trips to the Moon

    1st service in the world in terms of bicycles per people count

    Velib’ users:
    Men – Women: 45% – 55%
    Oldest user: 88 years old
    Paris – Suburbs: 78% – 22%

    Top foreign users:
    Anglo-saxons, Dutch, Germans, Belgians, Brazilians

    A city for a healthy body
    19 billions Calories burnt = 39 million burgers
    121,426,793 watts produced by the dynamo, enough to light the Eiffel Tower up for 6 nights
    137,000 tons of CO2 saved

  • D-NYC

    Thanks for sharing this–nice post. Just wanted to mention that Velib’ doesn’t have an accent on the “i.” Oddly, the logo doesn’t have an accent at all (just an apostrophe at the end, since it’s a contraction), but on the organization’s site in text and in the French press, it’s written Vélib’ with an accent on the “e” and an apostrophe. (The word comes from vélo–bike–and liberté–liberty–I believe.)

    I hope New York’s bike sharing program one day becomes this successful. Seems like a decent start, but will be happy when it expands beyond its existing territory.

    • S.Nkm

      Correct, “i” never takes an accent in French. Vélib’ = vélo + libre = bicycle + freedom

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