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Watch How The Tesla Model S Is Made

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by Christopher DeMorro


When Elon Musk took over Tesla Motors, he set out to create not just a different kind of electric car, but a different kind of car company. This even includes the manufacturing methods Tesla uses to put its all-aluminum Tesla Model S electric sedans together, as seen in this video from inside the Tesla Motors factory in Fremont, California.

This video from Wired magazine goes inside the former NUMMI plant, which once built the Toyota Matrix/Pontiac Vibe in a joint Toyota-GM venture. The factory has been completely converted and modernized for Tesla’s needs, and unlike many automakers Tesla makes almost all of its body and drivetrain parts in house. Many larger automakers have huge networks of secondary suppliers, but Tesla keeps most of its manufacturing right here in its own factory.

It is absolutely riveting watching these modern machines grabbing, cutting, stamping, lasering, and welding together bits of aluminum into the most modern car on the road. The Tesla factory truly looks futuristic, like something straight out of a sci-fi novel, and this brief video is an absolutely fascinating and engrossing look at how something as complicated as the Tesla Model S comes together. If you’re left wanting for an even more in-depth at the Tesla factory, National Geographic did a whole “Megafactories” episode that is a must watch.

Tesla’s factory is where the future is born, and it truly looks the part.

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