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$4,000 Ford Focus Electric Price Cut

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The Ford Focus Electric has been selling… well… not so great. 900 Ford Focus Electrics were sold in the US January 2013 through June 2013. That compares rather poorly to 9,839 Nissan Leafs during the same period. That fact of the mater has been that the Leaf was much cheaper (about $10,000 cheaper) than the Ford Focus Electric while offering a similar package (5 seats, about 75 miles of range on a full charge, and 100 MPGe). While a $4,000 price drop down to $35,200 might help a bit, as Chris DeMorro of Gas2 notes, this is really not enough to make it competitive.

ford focus electric options

Ford Focus Electric

“Unfortunately, even after hacking $4,000 off the MSRP, the Ford Focus Electric remains one of the most expensive EVs you can buy. When will Ford get serious about electric cars?”

Aside from the Leaf selling for $28,800 before tax credits or rebates, the Fiat 500e starts at just over $32,500 (though, is now sold out), the Chevy Spark EV starts at $27,495, and the Mitsubishi i starts at $29,125. $35,200 is still on the high side of the EV market. (Check out all mass-market electric car prices here.)

Here are some more comments from Chris: “While this price cut may attract a few additional customers, it still seems like Ford is treating electric vehicles as a distraction, rather than a real alternative to conventional cars. It’s a shame, because the Focus Electric is a wonderful car, albeit an expensive one. Still, maybe this lower MSRP will stimulate sales enough for Ford to start taking electric cars seriously.”

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  • Michael Clark

    all-electric BMW i3 is coming – unveiling July 29th.

    I went over to the local BMW
    dealer in Melbourne Florida yesterday and ask about the new EV.. He told me they
    wouldn’t be here for a few years.. Then I ask HOW MUCH ? Thinking not a lot of
    moving parts? Battery Electric motor wheels…

    He told me their are two
    models The higher price one is about 80-K and the other will be around

    I’m wondering if I’m a total
    Moron or what ?

    Why am I thinking a
    inexpensive well made all electric EV city car for the masses to own not a
    lease,That cost under a $1.00 dollar to drive 160 miles..

    Perhaps car makers with gas
    powered cars are making EV cars so out of reach for the young or average person
    to own that in a few years they can say the EV’s are failures no one buys

    Remember back in History
    when Henry Ford came up with the Model T that most families could afford..

    Tesla makes only electric
    cars an has all that unused room at the Fremont plant.. Remember the old VW

    I cringe every time I fill
    up and want to be part of the No More Gas People (NMGP) I don’t have 30 – 40 –
    60 – 80 thousand dollars to spend on a new all electric car.. I’m a little bit
    old and on a almost fix income..

    • Marion Meads

      if you can afford $60-$80K, you should buy the Tesla. it outperforms BMW i3 by several light years on all counts.

    • Juan Pelotas

      Michael; we are talking about a beamer. Most people can not afford a gas beamer; why should they build an affordable car for the masses? That’s what Ford, GM, Nissan, Toyota, etc are for.

      With regards to the timing…well, you answered that with your first sentence “I went over to the local BMW dealer in Melbourne Florida”. Buddy, I lived in the Sunshit state for over 20 years. Finally got my family out of there. We know live in the West Coast; I am 3 hours behind, but 20 years ahead. Get out of that crap hole.

    • Bob_Wallace

      (There’s an edit function that let’s one clean up an awkward post when C&P results in too many line returns.)

      Henry’s first Ts had major limitations – no electric starter, no fuel pump, no lights, no windshield wiper, etc.

      In 1909 the T Runabout sold for $850.

      By 1927 the T Runabout had an electric starter, electric lights, all sorts of improvements. And it sold for $385.

      We’re at about “1910” with EVs. Ranges are improving and prices are dropping.

      (I’m in about your situation. I need a longer range, 4wd, affordable EV and I want it before I get too old to drive…. ;o)

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