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Published on July 8th, 2013 | by Jo Borrás


New Popemobile Is An Electric Bike

July 8th, 2013 by  

Editor’s note: We’ve covered Daimler’s Smart Bike a couple times here on CleanTechnica — it’s  a pretty fancy electric bike that I’ve actually seen featured in car rooms in West Berlin… and the price tag made it more expensive that some cars. Below is the majority of an article from sister site Gas2 about the e-bike becoming Pope Francis’ latest popemobile… or something like that. For more pictures, head on over to Gas2.

new popemobile

Pope Francis seems like a generally nice guy. He’s got this professorial sort of smile that, regardless of how you feel about the Church and its policies, makes you want to like him. Perhaps in a bid to further distance himself from the previous pope’s legal troubles and general dislikability of Pope Benedict XVI, Francis has taken the generally likable step of riding around the Vatican on an electric Pope-cyclebicycle.

I know, I know – this is little more than a PR move by Mercedes-Benz to pimp its electric Smart cars and two-wheelers. That said, how much fun is it to say “Pope-cycle”? This first “Papabici” (as our Latin friends might say) was hand-delivered by the Daimler-Benz chairman Dieter Zetsche on his visit to Rome, and “as a symbol of Daimler Group’s commitment to sustainable mobility.”

Pope Francis will, reportedly, use the bike to tour St. Peter’s square on occasions when the (also Mercedes-provided) Pope-mobile is inappropriate. You can check out a few pictures of Pope Francis with his Pope-cycle, below, and check out our original article on the Smart ED electric bicycle for more about Pope Francis’ new bike.

Again, click on through to Gas2 for more pics.

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  • mark silver

    Ehh, i’d rather just use the eBike I built using the book I got at – it’s a better eBike than this one, though the pope has never ridden mine… 🙁

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