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The Terminator Says… Hummers Can Be Green

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I think I’d file this post under the “Friday fun” category, too. But it’s also somewhat of a serious one. Can a Hummer be green just because it’s electric? Check out this post on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “green” Hummers and let us know where you weigh in — my guess is we’ll have people on both sides of the coin.

There’s no denying that Arnold Schwarzenegger is one interesting guy, and that he seems to be in the habit of flipping stereotypes on their heads. Body builder to world-famous actor; “The Terminator” to Governor of California; Republican climate leader; and now, owner of “green Hummers.”


Of course, everyone knows that Hummers are ridiculously wasteful vehicles. However, Mr Arnold notes that if you want a Hummer and you want to be green, you can do it (well, sort of).

Arnold actually has a fleet of Hummers, but he fuels them in green ways. “They are hydrogen engines and bio-fuel engines and one is being changed into an electrical engine,” Schwarzenegger noted to the Telegraph on a recent visit with the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium.

Rather than shame people into cutting their consumption, Arnold notes that “we should let them know they can be part of the solution by changing the technology in that car.”

arnold schwarzenegger hummers green

Image Credit: Nate Mandos / CC BY-SA 2.0

Unfortunately, we really do need to cut our consumption and cut the use of wasteful consumer products like Hummers. I’m sure those Hummers eat up electricity and biodiesel real fast… refueling them excessively isn’t green no matter how you do it. That fuel/electricity could be used for other important purposes. But hey, if you really can’t live without consuming like there’s no tomorrow, at least try to do so like Arnold does….

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  • RSMills

    10,000 sq/ft passive house,10,000 Kw solar on roof, zero+energy total that will power home and Hummer beautiful! Yes we can.

  • Ivor O’Connor

    I think I understand him. He has to drive a hummer. It’s a status symbol. However he has the money to make it battery powered and not belch and snort and hurl in his mansion. So in a way he’s getting the macho image and via green technology not having to put up with the coarser downsides of hummers.

  • J_JamesM

    Hummers are obnoxious vehicles. They’re cramped (believe it or not), massively expensive, unreliable, fugly, wallowing, mediocre off-road, filled with awful tacky plastics, and, of course, are incredibly inefficient.

    But hey, you want to put lipstick on that pig, more power to you.

  • jburt56

    It depends if the Hummer has a neural network cpu from Cyberdyne Systems!!!

  • Ronald Brakels

    People, or at least wealthy people, are going to want to buy toys no matter what so it’s far better that they pay for an electrically powered toy than a diesel or gasoline powered one. And with proper incentives such as a carbon price per tonne equal to the cost of removing a tonne of CO2 from the atmosphere people could buy and play with their toys without making the climate worse. Of course the world would be a better place if rich people spent their toy money on fighting malaria and so on, but I myself am guilty of spending money on frivolity. Just last week I bought some chocolate so I can’t speak. In fact, just yesterday I spent an hour goofing around on the internet instead of like researching a cure for HIV or something.

    • doug c

      Awesome post Ronald. F & F

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