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In Progress: Massive Paradigm Shift In Power Production

June 27th, 2013 by  

Here’s a fun post from sister site Red, Green, and Blue on something we write about pretty regularly. Check it out:

It’s happening NOW – a massive paradigm shift in power production (via Red Green & Blue)

By MuskegonCritic IKEA recently announced its plans to be a net PRODUCER of electricity by 2020, using solar and wind power to produce electricity over and above what the company uses. They’ve already committed 1.8 BILLION dollars to the goal. It…

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  • Others

    Bravo IKEA. They also sell very functional things.

    I read that Walmart has 65 MW of Solar PV Panels on their rooftops and is the nations #1 user of solar power.

    These panels sending electricity on a sunny day from panels directly to the store for cooling will cut down their electricity bills drastically. They can also install EV chargers for electric cars and earn money from them. In an hour’s time that a person parks their vehicle, it will be fully charged with Level 3 charger or at least 20 % in Level 2 charger.

  • RobS

    There was a hilarious energy white paper here in Australia a few years ago, 2010 I think, but mostly sourced from data around 2008, it gave a prediction for solar power production. We passed their prediction for 2030 solar production in 2012…

    • Others

      Solar PV capacity increased 100 fold between year 2000 and 2012. No one can visualize that fast an increase. Main reason is China’s mass production brought down the prices drastically.

      Especially a Coal burning Australian can never visualize. Even IEA predicted slow growth for Solar.

      • RobS

        I basically look at the predictions and multiply them by ten, I’m still often underestimating with that rule of thumb. Its odd how exponential growth is such a biological concept, it occurs frequently in natural systems and yet humans seem to have such a difficult time grasping the implications of it when looking at big picture issues and in this case big picture solutions.

  • Shiggity

    Great article. It’s just that some people’s minds just won’t let them accept an exponential trend, they’re stuck in linear mode. Then when you try to explain things like the growth of the Internet, they just shrug it off like they obviously knew all along, as though it was common sense.

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