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2014 Honda Accord Hybrid Achieves 49 MPG In City, Beating All Hybrids In Its Class

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The 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid has achieved 49 MPG city, 45 MPG highway, and 47 MPG combined fuel efficiency.

The city rating of 49 MPG is impressive, as it exceeds that of all other hybrids on the market in its class.

Image Credit: Honda

Image Credit: Honda

Notably, this is not the 2014 Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV), which has ability to plug in and use electric power and has achieved a 115 MPG rating in electric mode, according to the EPA.

The Honda Accord Hybrid is equipped with a powerful 124 kW (166 HP) electric propulsion system as well as the all-new 2.0-liter DOHC i-VTEC Atkinson-cycle 4-cylinder engine. Even though the conventional hybrid doesn’t have the ability to plug in, this new two-motor hybrid powertrain does allow it to drive in electric-only mode.

“The two-motor SPORT HYBRID Intelligent Multi Mode Drive powertrain in the Accord Hybrid allows the vehicle to move through three different driving modes – EV Drive, Hybrid Drive and Engine Drive – to optimize fuel efficiency,” the Honda press release notes.

Does this mean that the Accord drivers will achieve even better fuel economy than stated because they may actually want to use electric mode?

Below is Honda’s full press release with more details.

Honda Expands Accord Lineup this Fall with 2014 Accord Hybrid Featuring Class-Leading MPG Ratings and Exclusive Styling

06/19/2013 – TORRANCE, Calif.

  • Class-leading 49 mpg EPA city fuel economy rating1 anticipated
  • Accord Hybrid shares Accord Sedan’s sophisticated design highlighted with exclusive hybrid styling accents
  • Honda’s first hybrid to be assembled2 in Marysville, Ohio
  • Accord Hybrid to go on-sale nationwide in October 2013

The first official photos of the U.S. version of the all-new 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid set to hit dealerships nationwide this October are now available on the Honda consumer site. The Accord Hybrid features the same sophisticated styling found on the Accord Sedan plus unique hybrid badging and blue-accented grille and light lenses, LED daytime running lights, a unique wheel design and a decklid spoiler.

The 2014 Accord Hybrid will use Honda’s new two-motor hybrid powertrain, much of which is shared with the Accord Plug-In that went on sale in January. The two-motor SPORT HYBRID Intelligent Multi Mode Drive powertrain in the Accord Hybrid allows the vehicle to move through three different driving modes – EV Drive, Hybrid Drive and Engine Drive – to optimize fuel efficiency.

In ‘EV Drive’, the Accord Hybrid uses the lithium-ion battery to run in electric-only mode at lower speeds and in medium to high speed cruising, ‘Engine Drive’ sends the engine power directly to the front wheels. In ‘Hybrid Drive,’ the powerful 124-kilowatt (kW) electric motor and the all-new 2.0-liter DOHC i-VTEC Atkinson-cycle 4-cylinder engine blend together for powerful acceleration while allowing for efficient driving in  stop-and-go traffic situations. The Accord Hybrid is anticipated to obtain a class-leading mid-size sedan EPA fuel economy1 rating of 49/45/47 mpg (city/highway/combined).

Inside, the Accord Hybrid’s well-appointed and intuitive layout provides the driver with instant fuel economy and energy flow information for efficient driving performance. Along with innovative new features such as Honda’s LaneWatch™ blind-spot display, an industry-first that debuted on the Accord last fall, other available features on the 2014 Accord Hybrid include Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Forward Collision Warning (FCW), an 8-inch color i-MID display, perforated leather-trimmed seating surfaces, cloud-based HondaLink™ featuring Aha™ compatibility, seven-speaker audio system withBluetooth® streaming audio, Pandora® interface and XM® Radio, and a multi-angle rearview camera with guidelines.

The 2014 Accord Hybrid features the same next-generation Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure as the 2013 Accord, along with Honda’s new SmartVent™ front-side airbags. Like the 2013 Accord, the 2014 Accord Hybrid is expected to earn top safety ratings including an NCAP 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score and a TOP SAFETY PICK+ rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

The 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid will be the first Honda hybrid vehicle assembled in Ohio and the second built in the U.S. The Accord Hybrid joins the diverse Accord lineup, which includes the four-cylinder and V-6 powered Accord Sedan, sportyAccord Coupe and the advanced Accord Plug-In, which has the highest EPA MPGe rating of any mid-size hybrid sedan in America at 115 MPGe.

1 Preliminary mileage ratings determined by Honda. Final EPA mileage ratings not available at the time of printing. Use for comparison purposes only. Your actual mileage will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle.

2 Honda cars are built using domestic and globally sourced parts.

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  • Disappointed

    Hmm, more than 20 years later and this is all the better they can do…mid-size car or not? My wife had a 1991 5 spd manual honda civic with over 100K on it and if I kept it between 60-65 I could get 45 MPG hwy. Considering R&D time and bringing a car to market albeit not the first year of that model, that’s roughly 30 year old tech.

    That said, considering the current white house administration (past probably too) is blocking the use in this country of VW TDI’s manufactured in this country, who knows what tech they’re blocking from Japan.

    • Bob_Wallace

      Well, VW has been selling TDI engine cars in the US since 2010 and has seven models available for purchase now so perhaps you need to quit getting your news from the Tea Party Daily. Or do you follow Fox Scat?

      • Disappointed

        I’ll try again to the point in simpler terms: 30 years and only 10% gain in economy for this company (Honda) seems rather pathetic. ?

        Yes, VW has had TDI engines in this country, although for a lot longer than since 2010 (2000-ish?) although entirely besides the point of my original post. This in particular is called BlueMotion (specifically the 1.4L and 1.6L TDI) (yep, two sites that are Tea Party central I guess).
        older article, but stated as “not legal”

        Trying to find some more information on this, it looks like VW the current VW line is that they don’t think the market here will support sales of the trim packages that garner higher mileage. If that’s the case, how unfortunate.

        On a separate note, Mr. Wallace, I encourage you to go pleasure yourself with your arrogant condescending vitriol.

        Have a nice day 🙂

        • Bob_Wallace

          The US market isn’t very interested in small, low-powered cars. That may be why we get the 2.0L and not the smaller versions of the TDI.

          It is not the case that we can’t buy the TDI as your first post incorrectly claimed.

          Now that you’ve done some research you’re able to post something more factual. Congratulations.

    • arne-nl

      ‘I could get’ is a subjective metric and therefore not a solid basis for a valid comparison. Probably it is your optimistic side that came up with that number. What was the lifetime use of that 1991 Civic? Including cold winters, strong winds, stop-and-go traffic?

      I can just as well say: ‘I can get 65 mpg in my Prius’ Wow, that’s worth nothing. What is worth something is the average over 4 years of ownership (including cold winters, strong winds, heat, cold, rain, heavy traffic, city & highway travel, etc), which now stands at 4,28 l/100 km (55 mpg). The 1991 Honda Civic is a tiny, lightweight and unsafe (by today’s standards) car.

      So it is not a valid point you are trying to make.

  • arne-nl

    4 years after the release of the current model Prius, Honda have finally caught up with Toyota. They can enjoy it for a year or so, when the 4th generation Prius will go on sale.

    After the Ford History of inflating mileage claims, we’ll have to see first how it holds up in the real to see if the Prius loses its crown.

  • Ross

    They better not be expecting us to be impressed by a mere 49 MPG.

  • Alex

    So what metric exactly is being used that says a 49 MPG Accord is “beating” a 51 MPG Prius?

    • Shiggity

      They gloss over the midsize sedan part.

      • Alex

        Ah; well that makes more sense I guess… it’s incredibly misleading the way the title is written “all hybrids”.

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