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Blue Matte Tesla Model S Used To Advertise Wheels (VIDEO)

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This beautiful blue matte Tesla Model S is the most attractive Model S I’ve seen to date (of course, imho). Interestingly, it was used to advertise wheels. Read the Gas2 repost for details:

The automotive aftermarket offers pretty much any and everything you could want for your ride. While electric cars are the new kids on the block, many aftermarket features translate easily onto rides like the Tesla Model S. A new coat of matte paint and some 22-inch Vossen Wheels liven up the already-sexy Model S. Can you dig it?

Tesla offers nine colors from its California factory, which is a fair number of options, though there are plenty of other aftermarket options, like the pink-wrapped Tesla of a Google exec. This matte-blue Tesla, meanwhile, serves as a showcase for Vossen’s 22-inch CV1 Concave rims. The largest wheels the Tesla factory offers are 21-inch tires wrapped in high-performance rubber.

This is just the beginning of the aftermarket modifications the Tesla Model S is sure to see. I can’t wait until people start digging into and modding the drivetrain, making the Model S faster and better than even Elon Musk imagined.

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  • J_JamesM

    My word, look at that thing! That’s one of the most exquisite cars I’ve ever seen. The blue is perfect.

    • Michael Mogilewski

      Wrapped on matte metallic blue 3m by signature custom wraps

      • Michael Mogilewski


  • Ivor O’Connor

    To me cars always look best when left alone and driven safely.

  • Amber Archangel

    Those are smokin’ hot wheels. Even cooler than the ones I saw on a Lotus at Wholefoods this morning!

  • arne-nl

    Why the heck is this car pulling into a petrol station? rofl

    • Bob_Wallace

      Driver probably needed to pee.

    • Deliver some fuel support to gasmobiles. 😀

    • Bob_Wallace

      I finally looked at the video. It’s a hoot and a finger in the eye to the oil industry.

      Tesla’s leaving the gas cans behind….

      (Notice how deserted the gas station is?)

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