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Monkey Light Pro Shows Animations On Bicycle Spokes (Has Raised $145,000 Of $180,000)

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There is a new bicycle light product called the Monkey Light Pro aiming for your funding on Kickstarter. The innovative lighting product displays animations on both bicycle wheels (specifically the spokes) using multi-colour LEDs.

It is both for the sake of the “cool factor” as well we safety. It can impress people, but it also makes it very clear to other drivers in the dark and in substantially cloudy weather that someone or something is present.

It can even display a full “STOP” sign in the original red and white colour!

Apart from that, notable features are follows:

  • Designed and Manufactured in California, USA
  • Weight: about 500 grams, even balance
  • Size: 520mm diameter, 25mm thick
  • Visibility:  evening, overcast and indoors.  Not visible in bright sunlight.
  • Media format support: JPG, GIF, PNG, AVI, MPEG, MOV, QT, FLV, and more.
  • On-board media storage:  1000 image frames
  • Playlist capabilities:  playlists allow looping, timing and sequencing of frames.
  • Web-based playlist creation, download from Windows and Mac
  • Developer tools and API: runs on Mac and Linux
  • Integrated Battery:  7000 mAh Lithium Polymer
  • Battery Runtime:  3-8 hours at full brightness, up to 48 hours at reduced brightness.  Runtime depends on what graphics are shown.
  • Not for use with motor vehicles

Check out more information and pledge some money on the Kickstarter webpage.

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  • Marion Meads

    Super excellent innovation! These people could become instant multi-millionaires. I suspect that for the right price, it could become a FAD and bikers everywhere would want one.

    Here’s another good tip for you! Advertisements galore on the wheels. Collect a royalty for each wheel. Not only in bikes, but cars, buses, those have wheels, and it would be excellent for advertisements.

    Do you accept investment money?

    • I know — these guys are geniuses. The applications are wonderful, very high quality.

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