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Toyota Auris Touring Hybrid Production Starts In Europe

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This article has been slightly adapted from an article originally published on Gas2 (more photos over there).

Toyota Auris has commenced production of the Touring Sports Hybrid in Europe. This will take place in Toyota’s Burnaston factory in the UK, making it the most versatile vehicle in Toyota’s European lineup (it has three engine options).

Toyota Auris

Toyota Auris. Click the image credit to see more photographs.
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The Auris, positioned as a replacement for the Toyota Corolla hatchback, has the following drivetrain options: gasoline, diesel, and hybrid.

The Auris is powered by the same engine as the Prius, and it is rated at almost 75 mpg on the European testing standard, which works out to around 62 mpg in the US. Quite decent.

The second-best drivetrain is a 1.4 liter turbo-diesel engine that achieves 60 mpg, which translates into roughly 50 mpg on the US standard. Diesel vehicles are getting pretty good, as well!

The Auris offers a number of sporty add-ons not available on the US Prius, and quite frankly it is also more pleasant looking. It is somewhat of a hatchback like the Prius, but with a more appealing design, and it has a nice glass sunroof which is essentially the entire roof of the vehicle.


I appreciate that fancy touch. Things like this make the car feel and look more expensive than it actually is.

According to Toyota, this model is the only one in its segment to offer the choice of a full hybrid-electric drivetrain in addition to gasoline and diesel engines, providing a diverse array of options.

So far, Toyota doesn’t offer a single diesel engine in the US, though other automakers, such as Chevrolet, are hopping on board the diesel train.

Regardless, though, this is one sharp-looking hybrid. I wouldn’t mind having a Prius that looked like that.

The Secretary of State for Transport Patrick McLoughlin said: “Toyota’s ongoing investment in Burnaston is a huge vote of confidence in our thriving car manufacturing industry, proving again Britain’s ability to make world-class cars that appeal to a global customer base. It is thanks to the support of manufacturers like Toyota that we are encouraging more young people to pursue an engineering career. This is an industry that is helping generate the jobs and wealth we need to secure the UK’s place in the global economic race.”

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