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Published on May 27th, 2013 | by Important Media Cross-Post


Porsche Panamera Hybrid Tests Confirm: 416 HP, 53 MPG!

May 27th, 2013 by  

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by Jo Borras

Panamera S E-Hybrid

When Porsche announced its Panamera Hybrid earlier this year, it made wild claims about a 400 hp sports sedan with a top speed of nearly 300 km/h that gave back fuel economy figures that would make TDi Jetta owners jealous. Well, here we are – a little more than a month later and Porsche’s tests have confirmed it: the 2014 Panamera hybrid burns just 4.4L of fuel per 100 km of road traveled. That’s 53 mpg, kids!

As part of the international launch of the new Panamera S Hybrid E (the model’s official name), a number of Porsche’s test units were driven 1,200 km (over 700 miles) with as many as 4 passengers per vehicle. Combined, the “fleet’s” average fuel consumption of was just over that 4.4L / 100 km mark. That’s not all, though: under the right conditions, some of the Porsches driven that day hit 2.8: / 100 km … which works out to more than 80 mpg!

Sounds like Porsche really does have this green tech thing figured out with the Panamera hybrid, no?

Panamera S E-Hybrid

Too bad about the styling …

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  • vetxcl

    So, the author related some VAGUE reason for a retest of claimed stats. MAYBE there was a challenge made(, not detailed.) In any event , a retest by the SAME company should INVARIABLY yield the same or better results – Porsche’s reputation is at stake there.

    The proof will be forthcoming when and IF it’s on the market and INDEPENDANT tests are made.

    • Bob_Wallace

      All caps/shouting is so low class. Spruce yourself up, please.

      Personally I think the information damned interesting. Porsche knows how to do math as well as anyone.

      • vetxcl

        So ? YOU intimately KNOW about low class – it exudes from your every word TROLL.

        NO, pompous ahoe, you give NO orders here.

        Personally, I KNOW you’re a narcissist.

        • Bob_Wallace

          Here’s a fact for you to chew on.

          More personal attacks and you will be shown the door.

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