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High-School Student Builds 900 HP Electric Honda S2000

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Here’s another super fun EV project, story reposted courtesy CleanTechnica sister site Gas2:


A perfect embodiment of the “I can’t buy it, I’ll have to build it” spirit that fuels tuners and racer everywhere, high-school student Juan “Thinmint” Ehringeras has tackled his 900 hp (!?) electric Honda S2000 project from the ground up. Like a boss.

Starting with a pair of readily-available electric motors and a salvaged Honda S2000 roadster body, Thinmint has designed every piece on CAD. He’s sourced parts from other makers (the Ford 8.8″ rear-end, for example) and has even built the electric Honda’s battery packs himself from component lithium polymer cells. Along the way, Thinmint’s developed quite a following on the S2000 boards, despite building a “blasphemous” electric Honda out of the company’s greatest most iconic convertible.

Thinmint’s 900 hp electric Honda S2000 is impressive enough that he was asked to give a TEDx talk about the project, which – once finished – promises to be one sikk ride. Even if it weighs a bit more than the stock S2000 did before he got started, the project car should be capable of nearly 1500 (one-thousand five-hundred) lb-ft of torque from 0 rpm. That’s more than enough to turn the car’s rear tires to goo and alter the solar orbit of … maybe not Earth, but definitely Pluto.

Here’s Thinmint’s electric Honda taking its maiden test-drive …

… so it’s closer to being finished than you might have thought, no?

When asked how he manages to get so much done, young Ehringer coolly replied, “Well, I am finally a senior in high school, so in my off time I do homework & work on this car. I also am a (stand-up) jetski enthusiast, and work at my business, Laser Werks. My business basically comprises of me designing things in CAD and cutting them on my laser.”

That’s right, dear reader: a high-school student that calls himself Thinmint has his own business making go-fast PWCs and mind-bending electric supercars. How can you not love this kid!?

12 more pics over on Gas2.

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  • Matt

    Ok the motor have 1500 but how much does it get to the road. I’m sure it is a lot, but no way all. A min he would need 4 wheel drive and much bigger tires.

  • J_JamesM

    Fifteen. HUNDRED. Pound-feet. Of torque.

    From 0 rpm.

    Dear lord, this kid’s a lunatic. And a genius. A crazy, crazy genius. I wish I had the temerity(and the money, and the expertise…) to convert my Eclipse to an electric car. Then again, I DO hate automatics, so…

    • Bob_Wallace

      Jamb this thing to the floor and you’d be pulling so many Gs you wouldn’t be able to get your arm forward to move a shift lever… :o)

      • J_JamesM

        Pretty sure that I wouldn’t even care at that point, because 1500 lb- ft is enough to turn your brain into chunky salsa.

        Funny quote from a Tesla Model S customer(440 lb-ft)- “Put your foot down at 20 mph and your eyeballs turn inside-out.”

        It’s all about the electrons, baby. EV cars have become the Driver’s Cars. Prius be damned.

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