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US Attains 100,000 Plug-In Vehicle Milestone!

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Editor’s Note: I noticed the 100,000 milestone was passed a couple days ago — very exciting news. Took us a bit to get this story up, but an interesting thing to note is that the number is now up to 101,041, a couple days later. That’s exciting. Electric cars are here, and they’re growing fast. Check out news and commentary about the 100,000 milestone in this EV Obsession repost below.

Over 100,000 plug-in vehicles have been sold in the US! (according to Plug In America)

This is an estimate, so it isn’t necessarily 100,000, and the person that purchased the 100,000th vehicle isn’t known either, but it is still an important milestone!


It is short of a much larger 1-million-EV goal President Obama set, but the advancement of electric vehicle technology has picked up its pace, not just in the past five years, but even more so in the past three years, and things really are heating up.

Conventional hybrids are only a little more expensive than their gasoline counterparts, with gasoline savings that often make them cheaper overall, and now the more efficient plug-in hybrids are being introduced into the market (gradually).

This is only 1/10th of Obama’s 1-million-vehicle goal. However, it is still very important. It shows that the electric car industry is finally growing at a good clip, and government and corporate research is paying off.

Another important point is that a lot more than 100,000 people have gotten to experience electric vehicles — their families and friends have also become accustomed to EVs, carrying the number of people that experienced these clean cars into the hundreds of thousands.

Most of these people can now get past false stereotypes and prejudices, helping to clear up public uncertainty about electric vehicles, which is one important step forward.

According to TreeHugger, it’s also worth noting that Plug In America was the non-profit organization that organized a protest against the destruction of the General Motors EV1. The organization has been around and fighting for EVs for quite some time.

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  • Electric cars=less reliance on middle eastern oil. This is good.

  • I can see it now. Faux News Editors, Murdoch, Sarah Palin, Oil Tycoons and some of the well-Oiled Republicans are now foaming at the mouth from this news and the fact that Tesla was the first clean technology company able to pay in full and well ahead of time!

  • Marshall Harris

    And about 1/10th of that 100,000 were TESLA 🙂

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