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Kia Soul EV — $35,000 With A 120-Mile Range?

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Remember the car advertisement in which the Kia Soul was driven by hamsters? That was for the original gasoline-powered Kia Soul, with a tag line “a new way to roll.” Well, now, the company is looking to offer a really new way to roll.

kia soul

Kia Soul (not EV).
Image Credit: Kia

Kia is expected to release an electric version of this car in 2014, so the hamsters can roll silently and efficiently!

Obviously, there won’t be any hamsters driving it, but it is expected to travel 120 miles per charge, and cost $35,000.

The electric Soul is supposed to be “the first electric vehicle for the global market,” unlike the rest, which are usually sold only in Europe, the United States, and Japan. Naturally, however, Nissan might have a bit of beef about that line.

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  • AaronD12

    I thought the hamsters were under the hood, not behind the wheel…

  • Ronald Brak

    The competition is increasing, which is good news. I wonder if “vehicle for the global market” means it is designed to accept European current, but can accept weaker Japanese/North American current without problem if that’s all that’s available or are they producing slightly different models for regions with different electrical standards? Or is it just something marketing came up with?

    • Otis11

      “Or is it just something marketing came up with?”

      That’d be my guess…

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