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Karmann Ghia EV Driving On Tweets From Kansas To DC, Thanks To Teenagers

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The world is changing fast. Here’s a fun story documenting that in various ways, courtesy CleanTechnica sister site Gas2.


By Chris DeMorro

Can the power of social media literally propel a car halfway across the country? That’s the hope of a group of high school students who converted a Karmann Ghia into an EV, with plans to drive it from Kansas City to Washington D.C., but with a twist. The car will only go when it gets mentioned on social media. So you know what we have to do.

Mindddrive is the organization that helped put this project together, taking troubled teens off the streets and giving them a project they can be proud of. Using a 1967 Karmann Ghia is a great way to get the attention of old folks, while utilizing an all-electric drivetrain will please the younger, greener crowd.

It’s the third such conversion of the group, which tackled an Indy race car and a Lotus Espirt EV conversions before. I love this combination of old school meets new school, with an emphasis on engaging the younger crowd. The social media twist makes it even cooler.

The car will only move when it reads either the hashtag #MINDDRIVE or gets a mention on Twitter with the @minddriveorg, or using Facebook shares and likes. With major sponsors reaching millions of people via social media, the team should have no trouble making it from Kansas City to Washington D.C. in good time.

I’ll be sure to kick in a few tweets and likes to help them on their way, and so should you. Their journey kicks off next week, so make sure to follow and like them on Facebook now.

Source: Minddrive | Wired

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