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Bike That Provides Wi-Fi & Electricity

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The power outages caused by Hurricane Ivan and Hurricane Sandy were shocks to many people. The outage caused by Ivan lasted more than three weeks in some places, and I unfortunately was unprepared for that, so I know how power outages feel.

I wasn’t able to even charge my portable devices to last the couple of days that hurricane-caused power outages in the US tend to last. My only option would have been to generate electricity to recharge my electronics.

During prolonged power outages, you may feel bored, and hot due to the unavailability of your electronics and air conditioning, since modern lifestyles involve electronics to such a great extent. In such situations, wouldn’t it be nice if you could take a bike out for a ride, and maybe cool off, then return home with the ability to recharge your portable electronics? That’s apparently possible!

Image Credit: Dezein

Image Credit: Dezein

Image Credit: Dezein

Image Credit: Dezein

A bicycle named Levitation was developed, and it has some unusual qualities. They include:

  1. The ability to generate electricity;
  2. The ability to provide a wi-fi hotspot;
  3. Levitation;
Image Credit: Dezein

Image Credit: Dezein

Image Credit: Dezein

Image Credit: Dezein


This isn’t one of the ironic stationary gym machines which require you to drive to the gym and pay to pedal on.

It is a bicycle that you ride, and it generates electricity while doing so. It can charge low-power devices such as cellphones, digital cameras, mp3 players, etc. The generator does put an extra load on the pedals, though, so it will be a bit more difficult to pedal when generating electricity.

Unfortunately, this bicycle’s seat does not have a suspension. And, of course, it’s just a concept bike at this point.

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