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Published on April 16th, 2013 | by Cynthia Shahan


Sightings In Brooklyn Of NYC DOT Setting Up Bike Shop

April 16th, 2013 by  

The original beginnings of what is becoming a comprehensive bike-sharing system, the biggest one in the United States, has had some sightings — the NYC DOT is setting up shop with docking stations throughout the city and passersby have been snapping pictures.

Ultimately, what is being provided is increasing ease of bicycling. One resident happy to see the rising bike infrastructure in Brooklyn last weekend, Doug Gordon from Brooklyn Spoke, took in the scene, sharing images of various features of the Citi Bike docking stations.

Image Credit: Brooklyn Spoke

Image Credit: Brooklyn Spoke

image Credit Brooklyn Spoke Citi Bike

Image Credit: Brooklyn Spoke

Gordon notes the that stations will fit nicely into any NYC neighborhood, even residential ones. The maps of the side of the stations are similar to ones used for mass transit. The Brooklyn neighborhoods are easy to read even from a bit of a distance — with a clear Citi Bike logo under the street names. The program is going to begin operating next month — catching up from the slow drift caused by software problems related to Superstorm Sandy smashing the city.

Alex Goldmark of Transportation Nation discusses an engaging, socio-cultural upbeat objective that will make this bike-sharing program stand out and set some examples: “The program will also attempt to right a weakness of other bike share programs: low usage among low-income and non-white residents,” notes Goldmark. “At launch, there will be CitiBike stations within one block of all 29 NYC Housing Authority properties in the program area. And NYCHA residents will get a 40 percent discount in the $95 annual membership.”

Image Credit Brooklyn Spokes

Image Credit: Brooklyn Spokes

Adaptation works. It’s great to see this bike-sharing program adapt in response to the requirements of users.

The initial roll of 600 planned stations is merely the beginning. I hear from a Brooklyn source that there has been a lot of buzz about this bicycle program. Once folks start seeing others biking, the vibrations should result in more wheels rolling down the street (or… fewer wheels if these bikes are replacing cars), and more bike-sharing stations getting set up like these initial ones.

Image Credit Brooklyn Spoke

Image Credit: Brooklyn Spoke

Plenty of these kiosks will be near bus stops, so one can swiftly move from bus to bike, swipe the kiosk, light on bike, roll on to a destination of choice (or vice versa). Personally, I love those long NYC pedestrian jaunts, but I will be truly keen to have a rapid option when the day is done.

Broooklyn Spoke

Image Credit: Broooklyn Spoke

Well, it seems that this city is already full of excitement — still, one guesses of a stirring force when these stations get the green light and people start rolling along on shared Citi Bikes.

For more on the rolling out of the Citi Bike bike-sharing program in Brooklyn, check out the full Brooklyn Spoke article: Citi Bike (stations) come to Brooklyn! 
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