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1,000-Mile-Range Electric Vehicle From Liberty Electric Cars?

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This one is a little suspect until further proof is furnished.

Liberty Electric Cars is reportedly working on a prototype electric vehicle that can travel up to 1,000 miles on a single charge. Awesome, if true. But in the boat of unicorns and leprechauns until we see some more evidence. And even if the range is achieved, our bet is the price tag will be out of this world. (That said, we are aware of some very exciting energy storage technologies working their way through research and startup labs, so….)


Here’s some more info from Gas2:

Ian Hobday, the CEO of Liberty, said, “Our engineering team has recently seen a new type of energy storage that would allow EVs to reach a range equal to, or potentially in excess of, what today’s best internal combustion engines can achieve.” That means a range of at least 300 miles per charge, maybe even up to 500 miles. But 1,000 miles? Seems… optimistic at best.

Liberty Electric itself currently sells the E-Range, an all-electric version of the Range Rover with about 200 miles of charge. The cost? About $240,000. So even if Liberty builds a 1,000 mile EV, a little math shows us that it would cost about $1.25 million dollars. That’s just not going to work for anyone.

What do you think about this Energizer Bunny EV?

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  • Sounds like they need venture money…


  • James Wimberley

    There’s nothing about it on the company website. All EV companies are working on extending range. Wait until they make a public and verifiable claim,

  • rickreason

    this site is sooo losing credibility, and this wanna-be-reporter in particular, with these off the wall non-stories. Ok, so you have come up an attention grappling headline and are getting hits but at some point you have to actually write something informative

    • This story was circulating in our niche. We covered it (very briefly) in a skeptical way to add a reality check. Don’t really see how/why that is a problem.

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