Clean Power SolarCity Expanding Operations To Nevada

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SolarCity Expanding Operations Into Nevada

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SolarCity, one of the top solar energy providers in the United States, recently announced its planned expansion to Nevada. With the support of Governor Brian Sandoval and the Nevada Office of Economic Development, the Solarcity expansion is predicted to create hundreds of new jobs in the area over the next several years.

SolarCity Expanding Operations To Nevada

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In the 2012 fiscal year, Solarcity installed a total of 156 megawatts (MW) of solar,  and 47 MW in the fourth quarter. Solarcity also finished out the year with a little over 2,500 employees and has been commended for its active recruitment by Inc. Magazine’s Hire Power awards.

According to a press release from Solarcity, this expansion has partly been the result of work at several agencies.

“The approval today of SolarCity’s Catalyst Fund application, represents the successful collaborative effort that took place between local, regional and state economic development agencies,” Governor Brian Sandoval said.

“SolarCity is changing the way families and businesses across the country can benefit from clean energy and I am pleased that such an innovative company is coming to Nevada,” said Nevada Senator Harry Reid.

Solarcity isn’t wasting any time either — the company has already started over 100 solar projects in Nevada, targeting the housing sector with the assistance of Shea Homes.

Although Nevada already has several large solar power plants, there is still plenty of room for growth. Nevada receives among the greatest amount of direct sunlight of any state in the United States, leaving a lot of room to expand in residential and commercial solar power generation.

“With its solar resource, Nevada has an opportunity to be a national leader in distributed renewable power generation,” said Lyndon Rive, the CEO of SolarCity. “We expect today’s announcement to initially create more than 100 jobs, but a sustainable local solar industry could create thousands of jobs. We hope to partner with the state and industry to create the business and regulatory certainty that can pave the way for a thriving local solar economy.”

According to SolarCity, the company currently serves 14 states and signs a new customer every five minutes, which is quite impressive. SolarCity is currently scouting locations in Nevada and expects to begin hiring soon.

If you’re a solar tech or solar enthusiast or simply looking for a career with a solidly growing company, you can email SolarCity directly about employment opportunities in Nevada at

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  • science guru

    Solar City = Scam. Solar leasing = Scam. Just buy the system, do’t be fooled.

    • Bob_Wallace

      Don’t you think you made your point with the first post?

      Leasing isn’t the best deal one could make, but it’s not necessarily a bad deal. It’s better than no solar at all. And it gets more panels on the grid which is the real need we have.

  • science guru

    Tim Tyler,
    When are you going to stop posting these commercials for Solar City? They are nothing less than a SCAM.

  • science guru

    Getting a solar lease is the same as changing from your local utility company to Solar City scam utility. You are still paying for your electricity forever!

  • science guru

    Solar leasing is a fools deal!

  • science guru

    Another solar leasing SCAM (Solar City) entering a new market (Nevada)

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