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Oil Spill In Arkansas — Wabasca Heavy Crude

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It’s really hard to see why we aren’t moving off of this stuff faster — switching to electric cars at the pace of a neutrino. From Planetsave:

Oil Running Down The Road, Oil Pipeline Spill In Mayflower, Arkansas (via Planetsave)

“We can see oil running down the road like a river,” explains a Mayflower resident. Crude oil has leaked and this is extremely unfortunate to Mayflower, Arkansas; damaging neighborhoods, and possibly endangering Lake Conrad. The size of the spill remains unclear. Faulkner County Judge Allen Dodson…

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  • Disgusted Albertan

    As an Albertan I am highly disgusted with both the provincial & federal gov’ts. They refuse to recognize and acknowledge the environment devastation that has already occurred. Not one of the oil companies involved in the tar sands has lived up to the environmental contracts they have signed. The new so-called “world class” environmental monitoring system that was designed and announced in 2010 still hasn’t been fully implemented because the gov’ts and oil companies are fighting over which one pays how much.

    One point I have not seen fully reported on is that regardless if a new pipeline is built it won’t go all the way to the refineries. It will connect with existing pipelines that were not built to carry dilbit. As in the case of the pipeline in Arkansas some of these pipelines are 50 years old. How safe can a 50 year old pipeline be when it is used to transport highly corrosive tar sands bitumen even if it is diluted.

  • jburt56


  • This is Tar Sand oil and people need to evacuate. Evacuate. Evacuate. Go to to see the video proof of a devistated community.

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