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Up Close: Volvo XC60 Plug-in Hybrid Concept

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Volvo’s XC60 plug-in hybrid “concept” was built to explore America’s reactions to a hybrid Volvo. The company has been developing its “green” technology for years in Europe, with stop-start technology, fully electric sporty coupes, and what the company calls a “world’s first” diesel-electric hybrid in series production — not to mention a number of prototypes running around fitted with advanced flywheel KERS systems — but those advanced cars may not be right for the U.S. market, according to Volvo’s CEO.

Volvo XC60 Hybrid

According to Volvo, the U.S. market wants a gasoline hybrid. “The gasoline plug-in hybrid is ideal for the American motorist who wants an electric car while, at the same time, retaining all the power and capacity that comes in his or her present vehicle.”

OK, then!

Despite rumors suggesting that some of the 6000 diesel Volvos getting built this year may make it to this side of the Pond as 2014 models, development of Volvo’s gasoline-electric hybrids continues. This XC60 (which shares much of its chassis with the S60 sedan and upcoming V60 wagon) combines a new 280 HP turbocharged 4-cylinder engine based on Volvo’s modular “VEA” platform with a 70 HP electric motor mounted at the rear of the car. With 350 combined HP and 100% of the electric motor’s torque applied to the rear wheels at launch, the XC60 plug-in can scoot to 60 mph in just 5.8 seconds (3 tenths of a second quicker than Porsche’s Cayenne S Hybrid), all while giving back an estimated 50 MPG using the EPA’s certification standards.

Of course, the XC60 plug-in hybrid can be driven in “Pure” mode as a ZEV electric. In that mode, the car has a 35 mile range — good for most people’s commutes, and following the same type of thinking behind the Chevy Volt and Toyota Prius plug-ins.

You’re still thinking about that 5.8-second run, right? I am, too. You can check out Volvo’s official promo video, below …

… and, if you’re in Chicago, head over to the grand re-opening of the “landmark” Volvo Oak Park dealership this Thursday night to get a first-hand look at Volvo’s 2014 plans for the U.S. market.

I’ll be there. Possibly drunk (I was promised drinks and assorted yummies). It’ll be cool.

Main Source: Volvo, via Volvo Oak Park

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  • Otis11

    “According to Volvo, the U.S. market wants a gasoline hybrid. ”

    What??? Huh??? No one asked me…

    I want a plug-in diesel hybrid in 3 forms: Pick-up (70 MPG), SUV (80 MPG) and Prius-like car (120 MPG)

    All of those ranges are easily doable (I have run the numbers, but can’t seem to locate them…). Add in 45 miles all electric range and they are pure gold.

    • lcw

      “According to Volvo, the U.S. market wants a gasoline hybrid”. What??? Huh??? No one asked me… either 🙂 I won’t hesitate to buy an XC60 diesel and for sure I would

      buy a hybrid diesel.

  • I like it. Sort of a new play off Chevy’s Volt platform of combining an all electric vehicle with a gasoline engine. I like that you can choose your pleasure instead of the car choosing for you.

  • Angela

    This is great. I’m glad Volvo is giving the people what they want.

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