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12-Year-Old Girl Building Her Own Solar-Powered House — What’s Your Excuse?

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A 12-year-old student, inspired by the documentary We, the Tiny House People, is currently in the process of building her own 128 square-foot, entirely solar-powered home (featuring a 30-foot loft). With someone as young as that building her own energy-independent home, it begs the question, Why am I not doing that?


The student, Sicily Kolbeck, is building the house as a part of her curriculum for the year at HoneyFern School in Marietta, Georgia. The home will be powered entirely by a rooftop solar energy array, and should easily be able to meet all the energy requirements for one or more people living in the space. The project was funded via an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign. Kolbeck has given an invitation to all those who helped fund her house to tour it during an open house in May.

For those looking for more information on tiny self-sufficient homes that they wouldn’t have to build themselves, the portable Leaf House is very cool.

Source: Inhabitat

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  • jburt56

    There is a market for outbuildings ranging from garden sheds to study dens to auxiliary bedrooms that could receive solar roofs for less cost than a large house. Build them with south facing shed roofs at the optimal angle and voila!!!

  • “12-Year-Old Girl Building Her Own Solar-Powered House — What’s Your Excuse?”

    We don’t have parents who will pay and do the work for us? However if you are willing to do everything including pay for it I will have no excuse…

    • logicld

      You may have missed this line in the article… ‘The project was funded via an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign.’ Otherwise for someone who doesn’t have the money, a 2-4 year loan (instead of the standard 30 years for a huge house) should do it. Then after the 2-4 yr loan is repaid, they can live debt-free if they wish, and even stop working full-time to focus on living full-time.

      • Thanks. I did miss that line. And I thought Shahan’s remark was simply a follow up joke. (Which I wish I had thought of.) It being reality is fantastic.

    • Conrad Clement

      Nathan meant: what’s your excuse, republicans…

  • hmm

    how is she paying for it..? and it doesn’t exactly look like she’s “building” it herself..

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