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Published on March 9th, 2013 | by Nicholas Brown


Toyota Now Offering HUGE Prius PHEV Discounts

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Toyota, like many other manufacturers of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), have been trying to get these new, efficient, and expensive vehicles off the ground. The Japanese manufacturer wants to sell as many as 13,000 Prius plug-in hybrids this year and is offering significant discounts to attain that target (especially in Manhattan).

Toyota will mark down the price of the 2012 Prius plug-in hybrid by $6,500 in parts of Manhattan. And it will mark down the price of this year’s version by $4,650.

Those discounts are nearly twice that of the Ford C-Max and Fusion Energi PHEVs $3,750, and they dwarf the $500 discounts Toyota is giving to customers in New York on the regular Prius hatchback and Prius V wagon.

Combined with the federal government tax credit offered for plug-in hybrid vehicles, which is up to $2,000, purchasers could obtain discounts up to $8,500. That is more than the incentive for electric vehicles, which is $7,500.

Toyota sold 12,750 Prius PHEVs last year, surpassing Nissan Leaf electric vehicle sales by about 2,800 units.

However, the Prius plug-in hybrid sales were about half of the number of Chevrolet Volt extended-range electric vehicles (these are PHEVs as well). So far this year, Toyota has sold only 1,567 Prius PHEVs, which is considerably less than the Chevy Volt’s 2013 sales through the end of February, which were at almost 2,800.

Source: AutoblogGreen

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  • driver_EV

    Toyota just needs to increase the electric performance with longer electric-only range, and better electric drivability. Your battery is not good enough to compete yet Toyota!

    • Yeah, I think that while a normal consumer might not look at these things as closely, the market is still early adopters and enthusiasts, who are paying close attention to such details. Just a hunch.

  • jlmur

    Is this the car that gets about 11 miles on all electric?

    • Ronald Brakels

      It only gets 11 miles all electric, but using gasoline it still gets 31.6 kilometres per litre, so it does better than on emissions than most cars currently on the road. And I’m sure future models will have improved range. For people without long commutes, 11 miles all electric can still make a big difference to weekly fuel bills, especially if it can be recharged at work.

      • Otis11

        That comes out to 50 MPG-US for those US drivers.
        (74.3 MPG by conversion, but 50 MPG after accounting for different driving conditions)

  • Madan Rajan

    I think the Leaf’s $ 6,000 cut down with base model is triggering the price cut across the range. With the decline in prices of Lithium batteries, certainly these companies can cut down the price and increase the sales.

    Otherwise Tesla could eat into their market and already they sold 1,400 units to get #2 spot in EV/Plugin sales. Infact its #1 in EV sales.

  • Why the Volt is winning, three words –> More all-electric range!

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