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Estonia Is 1st Country In The World To Install Nationwide System Of Fast Chargers For EVs

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The first nationwide system of fast charging stations for electric vehicles has now been completed in Estonia. The nationwide system was installed in order to speed the adoption of EVs in the country, and to help reduce the country’s carbon emissions.

ev fast charging network nationwide estonia

The system consists of 165 fast chargers that were built and installed by the engineering firm ABB. The installation and construction was financed “from the government’s sale of 10 million surplus CO2 emission permits to Japan’s Mitsubishi Corporation,” Reuters reports.

As part of that deal with Mitsubishi, the Estonian government also received more that “500 electric cars and the financing of a subsidiary system for people to purchase electric cars,” Reuters adds.

“Now is the time to really press the pedal and move forward in electrical mobility. We have proved that there is a real possibility to set up a network in a country, and there are no technical barriers,” said Jarmo Tuisk, the head of the program that set up the plan for the network.

“The network of fast chargers strategically placed along roads and in towns means that users need not worry about running out of power during their journeys. It also features a nationwide unified payment system.”

Now that the country has such a comprehensive fast charging network, the already significant benefits of EVs should seem even more appealing. The government in Estonia is hoping for the number of privately owned EVs in the country to double by the end of the year.

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  • Marshall Harris

    Anyone have a number on EV ownership in Estonia?

    • Joe Murtaugh

      Estonia, with a population of about 1.2 million, has 619 all-electric cars, of which 500 are used by public authorities and about 100 by private people and companies.

      That amounts to one electric vehicle for every 1,000 cars, second only to Norway, which has four per 1,000. The Netherlands is third at 0.6 per 1,000

      Tuisk said that with the national charging network in place he hoped the number of electrical vehicles owned by individuals or companies would double to 200 this year.

      World News on

      • Otis11

        So, they have 165 fast chargers and 100 privately owned electric cars…

        Haha, well at least there won’t be a line!

        • Marshall Harris

          I don’t wish to take a jab at the precision of your reading skills, but he did say that 500 government-owned vehicles existed and that private ownership of EV’s was expected to double this year, and I would anticipate it to grow further than that.

          Thanks for the answer to my question, Joe.

          • Otis11

            Haha, oh yeah I know. So technically there’s ~119 privately owned electric cars and that number will grow rapidly – especially once infrastructure like this is in place!

            I just thought it was kinda interesting that there were more chargers than (privately owned) cars. It sure is one way to fix the “Chicken and the egg” problem!

        • Ross Chandler

          Having them there will encourage adoption, the Estonians should be congratulated for showing some vision.

      • Wow, thanks for the info.

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