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Published on February 18th, 2013 | by Zachary Shahan


Climate Change News: Warmest Decade On Record; Cities Can Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions 70%; Climate Change More Threatening Than Asteroids…

February 18th, 2013 by  

Below is some top global warming and climate change news and commentary from around the interwebs from the past week or so that we haven’t covered (climate science and climate policy stories).

Note: following this post, I’m actually going to streamline this news roundup process by sharing daily Climate Change News Roundups only in this Google Doc (rather than doing so there and on this CleanTechnica page). Also, I’m not going to share our CleanTechnica stories in that doc, so be sure to check in on CleanTechnica for the top cleantech stories of the day. 😀

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  • Otis11

    “I didn’t really catch the global warming message of this next video” – Well, look at the lyrics. This is what I got, but I’ve only heard it once and ran through it quick, so might have misheard or misinterpreted something.

    Basically, we’re going through global warming and while we should be seeing all the signs, we’re sleeping through them and doing nothing about it. The rappers claim to speak the truth and tell people what the media doesn’t want them to hear, but they don’t know what they’re talking about, they’ve missed the biggest picture of all (global warming), but he’s got it. According to him, we all keep talking about the financial crisis and saving the banks, when really they’re the ones screwing us over and delaying the progress of technology until they can profit from it, and in fact, they would push us backwards if it would get them more money. Very few people understand what he’s trying to say, but some “cool kids” get it. The people with millions want billions and they’ll do what they have to. Last line is iffy – either we’ve all been schooled (fooled, duped, beaten) or he’s welcoming us to the light of seeing what’s going on. Not sure on that one, but here’s a more in depth look:

    A billion is the new million,
    You heard me, Sensato
    It’s Mr. Worldwide
    Y El mundo helpatio
    Let my dreams ya’ll dormant
    Category 6’s are stormin
    Take this as a, take this as a warning
    Welcome to, welcome to global warming

    Translation: Having millions of dollars is no longer cool, the elite need billions to maintain their social standards. There are huge storms like Cat. 6 Hurricanes that should be a warning, and yet we are not doing anything about it (dormant).

    I’m tired of this rap s*** cause all they do is rap s***
    About coke s***, crack s***, click clack s***
    But they never sold coke or click clack s***
    That’s why I’m laughing to the bank, ha-ha b****
    Private jets, I’m on that mile high s***
    Without Denver, I’m going to November

    Translation: The rappers claim to be doing this or that, but
    in the end they’re big talk but no game, they don’t do what they claim.
    Pitbull, on the other hand, claims to have his s*** together.

    Earth, wind, fire, I’m all for September
    George Lopez, p***, you remember
    Non-stop about bankers and lenders
    Fuck these fake sugar a** n****** splendor
    I see your game, your plan, your agenda
    They’ll push your s*** way back to Nintendo
    No Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
    I do it for the paper, I’m a business man

    People are going on and on about the financial crisis
    and talking about the big bankers and lenders, but these guys are fake and he
    sees their agenda. They’ll push us back, keep us from progress, even go so far
    as to push us backwards, all for money.

    If you get it that’s cool
    It’s all about the billionaires baby,

    welcome to the new school

    The few that understand all this are cool – you have to be a
    billionaire, and they will do whatever it takes to stay on top. We’ve all been
    schooled/welcome to the new way of thinking. (not sure on the meaning of this
    last line)

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