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Replay: Google On-Air Hangout About Electric Vehicles

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As noted last Thursday (before the event), I joined Jeff McIntire-Strasburg and some others last week for an “on-air” discussion of electric vehicles (mostly for folks who don’t follow EV news very closely). We also got into some talk about wind power and solar power, naturally. Jeff now has the video of the hangout up on YouTube and posted over on sustainablog, so I’ll repost that right here:

Here was an early summary of the hangout that Jeff posted on Google+ that may also be interesting to you (with added links on some of the things we discussed):

We’re still pulling together some of our links and such (which I’ll add to this post as they become available), but wanted to make sure to give you a heads up on a fantastic Hangout on Air today. +Zachary Shahan of Cleantechnica did a fantastic job of discussing the economic and technological promise of electric vehicles, and +Bill Bright  of Gallup Solar ( and Earthship advocate +Jeffrey Rust tossed out some great questions… we went well over our normal 25-30 minutes, but it was a fascinating discussion!

The main news we discussed involved Nissan’s announcement that it was dropping the price of the LEAF significantly:

Zach also dug into EV economics, specifically how long it takes to reach a payback point on the higher prices of these vehicles:

Of course, if you’re a true gearhead, you may want to spend some time at our sister site Gas 2.0:

UPDATE: And more links to posts mentioned in the Hangout:

The Via Motors truck:

The UCS study on emissions:

The SunPower–Ford & Nissan–Ford partnerships:

Prius owners using their cars for electricity when Sandy hit:

(Note: I think I made an insignificant but incorrect statement about the Chevy Volt at the beginning of the video — regarding when it uses gas. Let me know, and let me know if I messed up on anything else, or if you have any other thoughts.)

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  • Otis11

    IIRC, you did misspeak and replace the word electricity with gas when speaking about the volt, but it was easy to recognize as the sentence didn’t make sense as stated and overall it was fairly inconsequential. Probably nothing to worry about unless there was something else.

    I had to run after the first part, but it seemed to be a nice summary of many of the articles already posted here. Was there enough new information to warrant watching the rest or would I be better served keeping up with the articles y’all publish?

    Thanks guys!

    • Thanks! Don’t think we talked about much that we haven’t published about. But we did get into some side conversations on each of the things above, solar power, wind power’s good match for EVs, and organizing locally to promote solar & EVs.

      • Maybe put it on in the background when doing something else and see if any interesting topics pop out? But yeah, don’t think you missed much if you’ve been a regular CleanTechnica reader for awhile.

        • Otis11

          Sounds good! Thanks for the feedback!

  • Thanks so much for sharing this, Zach… I’m so glad we got a chance to do one of these together.

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