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Published on January 24th, 2013 | by Important Media Cross-Post


Time To Overturn Citizens United

January 24th, 2013 by  

We don’t get involved in political matters toooo much, but this is definitely needed, for cleantech and much more. Thanks to sister site Red, Green, and Blue for the post:

Stand with Senator Franken to reverse Citizens United (via Red Green & Blue)

 Today is the third anniversary of the Supreme Court’s terrible decision in the Citizens United case, in which they ruled that: Corporations are people, my friend Money = speech So corporate people can spend as much money as they want to by elections The results: More money than ever has poured…

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  • youareme7

    This article is completely asinine and has no place on a website like this. By now I’d think it was obvious that money does not “buy” elections and that chilling free speech because it comes from a high powered corporation is counter to everything our constitution stands for. What we need to reform is the lobbying industry as it relates to paying off congress for special interests, overturning citizens united not only won’t achieve any real reforms, it will hurt minority viewpoints that don’t have access to the free money that the 2 major parties are swimming in. Please stick to the topics you’re good at. Some background:


    • mk1313

      A shill for the corporate power structure. Considering the damage that this one piece of legislation has done to free speech it doe rightly belong on these pages. So long as 1 Monsanto or 1 Endbridge can drown out the voices of millions of people using mega dollars the concept of free speech is bogus! overturning that badly flawed legislation would silence those trying to drown out the voices of actual living breathing people and allow their voices to be heard. The Washington Examiner is a highly conservative pro-republican rag that is almost as badly slanted as Fox NOT-News and thus not a reliable nor a credible source! This is an appropriate venue for such a discussion!

      • ENBRIDGE (& they are Canadian on top of it all)

        • mk1313

          Sorry for the typo. Yes they are Canadian but have used that legislation to push forward their Keystone XL pipeline and attempt to silence/discredit protests!

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