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Pennsylvania Mehoopany Wind Farm Completed

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BP Wind Energy and Sempra US Gas and Power completed their wind project called the Mehoopany wind farm, which we previously wrote about while it was still under construction.


This wind farm has an electricity generation capacity of 141 MW (141,000 kW) and it spans 9,000 acres (36 square km), and is located 20 miles northwest of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

This wind farm is powered by 88 General Electric (GE) xle wind turbines which each have an electricity generation capacity of 1.6 MW (1,600 kW).

It wasn’t clear how much of this project was built locally, however, domestic electricity generation is a good thing as opposed to importing it.

The larger the fraction of the project that was done in Pennsylvania, the greater the number of people that would be employed in Pennsylvania; unless the workers were imported from another state.

The total investment in this wind farm was $250 million.

This is supposed to be the largest wind farm in the state of Pennsylvania and created 400 temporary construction jobs during its peak construction period. Since construction was completed 10-15 people are permanently hired to maintain the facility.

BP and Sempra already had the entire power output of the wind farm purchased by Old Dominion Electric Cooperative and Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative Inc.

Although the project is a 50:50 joint venture between BP and Sempra it is operated by a wholly owned affiliate of BP Wind Energy.

BP has infused about $8 billion for alternative energy development recently. The US BP Wind Energy is the usual owner and operator of BP wind farms in the United States, with an investment of over $4 billion. The US BP Wind Energy invested in 16 wind farms across the United States with a gross generation capacity of 2.6 GW (2,600 MW).

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