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EV Maintenance Much Cheaper Than That Of ICE Vehicles

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According to a recent study, the benefits of electric vehicles is not just their low energy costs, but also their much lower maintenance costs. The study found that electric vehicle (EV) maintenance costs are 35% lower than that of typical vehicles powered by combustion engine.

This is partly due to the fact that electric vehicles contain far fewer mechanical parts and lack the fuel and air regulation systems that ICE vehicles rely on. There is also less in the way of other non-mechanical parts which can last long but also eventually deteriorate, such as exhaust systems and gears.

Manufacturers, in general, tend to put the issue of maintenance costs on the back burner, and it costs their customers an arm and a leg to repair the simplest of things, due to the difficulty of repairing their vehicles.

Repairing modern automobiles usually involves removing large and heavy parts to get to the malfunctioned part or the removal of many other little parts, or both. This attracts a high labor charge, and this problem is getting worse due to vehicles’ increasing complexity. Manufacturers often complicate technologies without considering how repairs may affect customers. Electric vehicles are no exception to this problem; however, they are still much cheaper to maintain due to their inherent simplicity.

Electric propulsion systems only need a decent battery pack, speed controller, and electric motor (which contains one moving part) in order to operate efficiently, because electric motors work very well by themselves, which is why they are often used in other machines (for example, blenders, a machine which I have never had to replace). The don’t need oil changes, exhaust systems, clutches, and so on.

Electric propulsion systems are maintenance free, and have the potential to be much better than 35% cheaper.

Source: Autoblog Green

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  • Hi–I wonder how EV batteries hold up in cold climates? Haven’t seen any info on this.

    • Bob_Wallace

      Optimally one would warm up their batteries before driving on a very cold day. That’s pretty simple to do when plugged to the grid.

      Volvo has developed a methane fueled heater which can warm batteries and passengers in very cold places.

      Once EVs get rolling their batteries give off heat.

      People who live in very cold places already use the grid to warm up their gasmobiles.

  • Green&Energy

    Well done…great article

  • Same for plug-ins with decent all electric range, especially if you drive them in EV 90% of the time…


    • Bob_Wallace

      You gotta burn at least one tank of gas a year to keep it fresh…. ;o)

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