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Tesla Motors Made Its First Profit Last Month

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Sometimes, projects or companies are not profitable for a long time, but if you truly believe in them, you may be willing to stick it out long enough to see things finally succeed.

Projects and companies that require large investments for payback that will accumulate years down the road can certainly make us nervous, and there are always many who think that the investments will never be regained.

I think we all know that Tesla Motors is one such company and has faced a lot of skepticism throughout the years. But the electric car pioneer just last week reported positive cash flow (the week before) for the first time in its history, something worth celebrating, and a good sign that Tesla has a bright future.

Here’s Founder & CEO Elon Musk’s Tweet:

Source: Gas 2.0

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  • It should be noted that TSLA did post a previous quarterly profit a few years back.

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