Clean Power SolarCity Wins Award

Published on December 7th, 2012 | by Joshua S Hill


SolarCity Awarded Hire Power Award For US Job Creation

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US clean energy services company SolarCity was this week awarded the ‘Hire Power’ award by Inc. Magazine as part of the Top Job Creators in the US.

SolarCity ranked in the Top 10 out of a list of 100 private companies credited for generating the largest number of jobs in the US over the past three years, and ranked first among energy companies.

SolarCity Wins Award

Over the three years covered by Inc. Magazine (2008–2011), SolarCity’s employee base grew by more than 252% and finished at a total of 1,381 full-time hires by end of year 2011.

In fact, since the survey window closed, SolarCity has gone on to hire more than 1,000 more employees, bringing their total up to more than 2,300 employees, and is currently advertising 300 job openings (around the same number it was advertising back in July).

“SolarCity’s award win shines a light on the whole solar industry which has driven job creation eight times faster than the overall economy,” said SolarCity’s VP of Human Resources, Linda Keala. “SolarCity provides consumers with clean, renewable energy that can be more affordable than rising utility bills and this has created domestic solar development jobs that can’t be easily outsourced.”

Notably, SolarCity is about to have its IPO, a highly anticipated cleantech IPO that we’ll be watching closely.

“The top 100 companies on the list have created 73,032 American jobs in the three-year period from 2008 to 2011 – an amazing feat, given that much of that job growth came during the heart of the recession,” explains Inc. editor-in-chief Eric Schurenberg. “And it isn’t just the big guys that are adding jobs. Companies with less than $50 million in annual revenue make up nearly one-third of the Hire Power list.”

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  • Science Guru

    Solar City is the biggest SCAM solar company in the world. Do the research and you will find that 98% of the time they sell a solar lease to the consumer. A solar lease is nothing less than a SCAM. Let me ask you a question…Would you lease your home for twenty years and then have the option of continuing the lease in five year increments or to then purchase it at market value? Would you do the same with your car? NO, you would not, so why would you lease a solar system from them? It is a SCAM and nothing else! I have done extensive research into this matter and have found it to be nothing less than a SCAM! The only reason they are the bigest player in the solar energy business is due to the fact that they have SCAMMED the largest number of people that cannot do simple math.
    The other complication that is NEVER mentioned by Solar City is the fact that when you want to sell your home at some point in the future, you will need to convince the buyer to take over the solar lease too. When the buyer sees just how bad the solar lease deal is they are likely to decide NOT to purchase the home. if instead you purchased the solar system and want to sell your home, it will have an increased value for the home and will be a very simple standard home sale transaction.
    You could purchase a solar system from any local solar installer other than Solar City and get all of your electricity for free in just a few short years (when paid off) instead of leasing it to get a 9% reduction in your electric bill! The present state of the art photovoltaic solar electric panel has a 25 year warranty, they will produce electricity for at least 25 more years after the warranty expires. the average solar panel will produce electricity for at least 50 years. Why would you lease it?????
    Here is the simple translation: Lease a solar system at a 9% savings or purchase a solar system for 100% savings (after paid off).

    • How many people lease cars today, after years of experience? How many people pay electric bills that are forever rather than go solar? The people may not be intelligent and may be averse to doing math, but my bet is that won’t change a whole lot and SolarCity will keep growing.

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