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Cars volt miles savings

Published on November 30th, 2012 | by Zachary Shahan


Chevy Volt Driver’s Savings After One Year (Getting 980 MPG!)

November 30th, 2012 by  

First of all, I’ll just note that these are simply the results of one Chevy Volt driver. Not the best, not the worst. I’ll get to some stats from other drivers after the repost.

After one of our dozens of Chevy Volt posts, a Volt driver dropped us a note that he had bought the car and had a blog going on his experiences with it. I was interested, so subscribed to the blog. Yesterday, “Volt Owner” posted an update showing his stats, including savings, after 1 year of driving the Volt. Here’s his full post:

“I am not going to do a big write-up on this one.  I think the numbers speak volumes.  At the end of the year, I will calculate the yearly average price of fuel (will likely be about 20 cents higher than  he current rates listed) and give a total.  Look for that post around the one year anniversary mark, which will be January 7, 2013.

“If you drive a car that gets 23 MPG (the national average), the yearly savings based on my driving habits and electricity costs are going to be around $3000 PER YEAR.”

volt miles savings

Kudos to this driver, for sure — 980 MPG! (And a savings of about $2000-3000 to reward him for that.)

But some others are actually fairing even better. “Volt Owner” would rank 58th on the Volt Stats site right now, based on MPG. (In actuality, my hunch is that this driver is #54 — @Voltdriver — but that’s just a hunch.)

The current top 10 Volt drivers based on MPG (on that site) are as follows:

  1. Rocky Volt (100% electric so far!) — 15167.95 MPG! (92.45 MPGe)
  2. CT GM-Volt — 9789.12 MPG (92.28 MPGe)
  3. Millenium Falcon — 6565.84 MPG (91.95 MPGe)
  4. Volt — 4534.24 MPG (91.34 MPGe)
  5. PLUG1N — 4375.99 MPG (91.70 MPGe)
  6. Gary and Lisa’s Volt — 3928.43 MPG (90.95 MPGe)
  7. Red-Volt — 3696.61 MPG (90.91 MPGe)
  8. Mike’s Volt — 2966.31 MPG (90.50 MPGe)
  9. MaxVoltage/BudClary — 2774.73 MPG (90.77 MPGe)
  10. TrunkMonkey — 2729.27 MPG (90.84 MPGe)

Pretty amazing ratings, eh? All of those drivers are driving at 99% electric or higher. Of those, PLUG1N has the most EV miles — 19657.43 — while Mike’s Volt has the fewest — 1731.76.

If you love to look at stats (and who doesn’t), check out Volt Stats for other interesting tidbits. 

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