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SWITCH’s New LED Replacement For Incandescent Light Bulbs

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One of the prettiest light bulbs I’ve ever seen, maybe the prettiest:

SWITCH’s New LED Replacement to Incandescent Light Bulbs (via Green Building Elements)

I work for a lighting company in Denver as a Lighting and Design Consultant and I cannot tell you how many times in a week that people will tell me they do not want to use a more sustainable light bulb because of two reasons: The bulbs are ugly (Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) or the ‘spiral’ kind…

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  • Now that I’ve got all CFL’s in the house, it will take forever for them to burn out. Which is good, because I’m not going to buy today’s LEDs because they’re expensive and possibly unreliable. In a few years things will start to get better.

  • Flimsey second-hand testimonials aside, there’s no way I can justify the cost of an LED vs a CFL. Nope, soft tones of warm light is NOT an issue for me. You want to sell LEDs as ‘warmer’ lighting than CFLs, then go right ahead. No sale with me. And yes, I know how to properly recycle the infinitesimal amount of mercury in a CFL.

    BTW, I did fall for the Polaroid Camera/Film rationale in the past ( , if you want to justify the cost difference with greater longevity and less environmental toxicity for LEDs,) but NOT this time.

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