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Chevy Volt Broke Its Own Sales Record In October, And Leaf Sales Soared

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Chevy Volt sales have been increasing (slowly, but steadily) over the past few months. From August to September, they increased by just 20 vehicles… but at least they followed an upward trend, and set a new sales record.

Sales in October were 2,961 and they could exceed 3,000 units in November.

Image Credit: Chevrolet

Nissan Leaf sales also jumped up a bit. In June 2011, Nissan Leaf sales reached their highest number to date (1,708), and sales still haven’t surpassed that, but they soared to 1,579 in October from the hundreds that they were at in previous months.

Image Credit: Nissan

Electric vehicle sales usually increase with high gas prices, and when gas prices go back down, it is business as usual, and sales decrease. Interestingly, though, gas prices have dropped since last month. Let’s hope the sales just keep on growing.

Source: Autoblog Green

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    ——-Shopped well these can pay for themselves in 4-7 yrs or if sold earlier they’ll get there investment back especially in the up side of gas prices.
    ———Sadly what we really need are $12k composite EV’s that are about 1000 lbs for commuting and with a 5-7kw generator can have unlimited range at over 100 mpg. But these don’t rust and will suck other car sales so big auto won’t do it until they have to.
    ———- I drive my custom lightweight EV’s every day at 25% of the running cost of a similar gas one. I laugh all the way to the bank.

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