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The Climate Group Calls For An ‘American Clean Revolution’ To Avert Catastrophic Effects Of Climate Change and Kick-Start US Economy

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We still have time… possibly. But we need to move our asses. And the quicker we move our asses, the less catastrophe the world will have to face from climate change and the instability, economic crises, natural disasters, and other problems it will create. Thanks to The Climate Group for starting a new push to address climate change while boosting the economy! Here’s more on that:

The Climate Group Calls for an ‘American Clean Revolution’ to Avert Catastrophic Effects of Climate Change and Kick-Start US Economy (via Green Building Elements)

The Climate Group called today for an “American Clean Revolution”, a massive scale-up of investment in cleantech and renewable energy, as a way to future-proof America’s infrastructure, avert catastrophic extreme weather events resulting from climate change, and boost the US economy. In a report…

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  • freedomev

    ———I’m working on the equipment side because there are few decent, long lasting wind generators in home, building sizes so I’m going to start producting them beat even the Chinese in price.
    ———But as far as stopping GW it’s unlikely most fossil fuels won’t get burned/used by others if not the US. We could stop a lot if groups would buy up the coal reserves while they are cheap as we have a good fraction of coal in the world.
    ——— Our best way is making RE lower cost and widespread so there is no reason to burn FF’s. Small Solar and big wind already are if well done and small wind can be.
    ——– The best way is to cut consumption through eff by making building and homes that need little energy or even make not only all they need but more to sell.
    ——– In transport my EV’s cost 25% to run compared to similar gas ones and with a biofueled range extending generator have unlimited range. Yet I can’t even get a loan for $30k. But I’m selling my home to finance them instead.
    ———— If we really went RE we cold make at least 3 million jobs but repubs both at the fed level and in my state of Fla has blocked selling power to anyone not a utility. So much for free markets they claim they are for.

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