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Obama Endorsement Follow-Up

November 5th, 2012 by  

I think that, based on the evidence presented yesterday, if you’re voting for president based on energy or environmental matters, Obama’s the clear option. But if you like to base your vote on matters beyond this realm, you might find the facts below to be a convincing case for reelecting Obama. The facts and links to more info concern the economy, jobs, health care (or Obamacare), equal rights, and more. Some of them are also notes regarding matters I expounded on yesterday.

Obama Facts: 12 Facts About Obama’s Record

The Obama campaign just passed along the 12 facts below about Obama. As someone who follows politics quite closely, I think it was a good list to put together. As just noted, there are numerous other cleantech, climate, and other environmental topics Obama has scored big points on, but if you have a ‘broader’ view, these are probably some important matter for you, too:

More on Obama’s Plans.

Who should you be voting for?

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  • tom

    Bob –
    _You live in an area where a lot of people are off the grid–you favor solar and wind power– i bet you also have a home generator that will run the whole house– probably gasoline powered.

    don’t be ashamed– it makes good sense.

    • Bob_Wallace

      You are right Tom. I do use a gasoline generator to back up my solar panel system. I’d say that I get somewhere in the 3% to 5% of my electricity from the generator, the other 95% from the Sun.

      I don’t “run the whole house” off generator in the sense of turn it on and let it run. I turn it on for and hour or two on days that I don’t get enough sunshine and let it charge up my batteries.

      Unfortunately I don’t have hydro close enough to the house nor do I have a very good wind resource. I’m hoping that the cost of storage batteries comes down enough to allow me to essentially quit using the generator. If I could double my storage (perhaps triple) then I could pretty much quit using the generator.

  • tom

    I know all i need to know about the President- a devout socialist, an admitted Muslim, grew up with communist parents and friends, born in Kenya, doesn’t give a damn about his brother living in poverty,
    has no conscience, would rather tell you a lie than tell you the truth;
    will destroy the military, the media, and the economy– America–what a fun place to grow a family! thanks Democrats.

    • Bob_Wallace

      Tom, how can you possibly say such ridiculous things on a public forum?
      It just paints you as an idiot.

      • tom

        Sorry– your’re right–what was I thinking. God Bless the President.

        • Bob_Wallace

          Nice recovery…. ;o)

          Now that we’re past the election I expect our economy is going to snap back. Republicans in the House are making noises about working together. If that happens then we can get tax revenues up and start dealing with debt/deficit issues.

  • andrew

    pretty convinving bunch of bytes

  • tom

    Vote Republican and save our economy.. If you have any doubt, just go ask the college student to put you to work, or the Mexican influx to give you a job, or the black man or woman on welfare to hire you-
    or, go ask the white man in the neighborhood on food stamps and “disability” to give you a job– Ain’t nobody gonna give you a job except the American business man who is going to be destroyed by Democrat and Obama politics– tax and destroy; What Obama can’t destroy with Obama Care and taxes, he will destroy with the EPA.

    • Bob_Wallace

      The above message brought to you by the 1% who want to own it all.

    • As Bill Clinton pointed out recently twice as many private sector jobs were created in the last four years compared to the whole Bush eight years. Most of the new jobs under Bush were government jobs and he spent and borrowed like it was going out of fashion.

      • tom

        Mr. Obama will dump your Democrat “Assets” in the grease right along with us Conservatives–
        Mr. Obama and the Democrat Polito-elites only care about personal power–as for Bush– I think the “Bildee-burgers” came in the black of night and tapped him on the shoulder and told him to get out of the way of their plans– go fishing- go lock yourself in your office for the next three years and you can keep your health..and apparently he did!

        • Bob_Wallace

          Were President Obama to dump your Conservative “Assets” in the grease I would have a hard time not smiling.

          But PBO is a better man than I. He’s protecting your “Assets”, unlike G W who ignored warnings about terrorists planning to attack America. He’s working to prevent a runaway economy like the one that crashed under G W and is still causing us great pain.

          PBO will continue to work to keep Social Security and Medicare strong for when you retire (if you haven’t already). He will continue to work to keep Medicaid in good shape so that you will be able to use it to pay for your end of life nursing home stay rather than having to die in the Republican ditch.

          PBO caring only for personal power? Clearly you haven’t taken a few minutes to understand who the man is.

    • andrew

      no jobs on a dead planet

  • dynamo.joe

    The ad placed directly after your question “who should you be voting for?”
    Romney/Ryan 2012. Now that’s funny.

    • ha 😀 i don’t see the ad, but since it’s showing for you, i’m going to change the way this is reposted. 😀

      • RobS

        Zach, the article on solar costs in Australia seems to have been pulled? Any reason?

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