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Wireless Charging Available For Leaf & Volt — Never Plug In Your Nissan Leaf Or Chevy Volt Again!

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Plugless Power is now offering wireless charging stations for Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt electric vehicles, and that comes with 6 months of free electricity to charge them.

The price is $3,500 to $4,000 for all of the necessary equipment.

Wireless charging stations offer primarily the convenience of not having to lift a finger to charge your vehicle by plugging in, since it charges automatically when you park it in the garage. However, there is an important pragmatic benefit that stems from this convenience:

People often forget to charge their battery-powered devices, so the batteries die when in public, just because of forgetfulness.

Since vehicles are parked in people’s garages (if they have any) every day, by using wireless charging, they automatically get charged every day.

Another benefit of wireless charging is that it can be set up to charge specifically during off-peak hours, when electricity prices are lowest, so you don’t have to remember to plug in your vehicle at specific off-peak times.

The Main Drawback of Wireless Charging

The initial cost of the charger is the biggest drawback of wireless chargers. If you can remember to plug your vehicle in overnight and that isn’t difficult for you, then don’t bother to buy a wireless charger. Wireless chargers are very expensive and unnecessary products. If you find that you can’t remember to plug it in daily, then you should consider a wireless charger.


Additionally, the efficiency of wireless chargers is not quite as high as the 85% that typical wired chargers achieve, but it is close. The small efficiency boost of wired chargers can surely add up over time, though, and save you a bit if money.

Source: Autoblog Green

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  • ga

    Wireless charging is the coolest if it’s standardized. Imagine if you pull into a parking space, sit waiting in a drive thru, taxis in the taxi line are getting charged. The car identifies itself to the charging surface – in a fraction of a second the power is on.

    I have a Leaf and never forget to plug it in either at home when I make the rounds and check phones, tablets, laptops are all connected before bed.

  • Frank

    Never heard anything like a bunch of teenagers on here trying to make their point…and neither one can back it up.

  • I’ve had my Volt over a year and never forgot to plug-in. Non issue…

  • freedomev

    Actually wired chargers are over 95% eff in new EV’s. The cost and energy waste make this a loser. one doesn’t forget to plug in as it become a habit very shortly and it’ll call you on your cell phone if you forget too in most OEM EV’s now. In fact all charge and other EV data can be had by cell phone.

    • Bob_Wallace

      I suppose I’d be a bully troll were I ask you to point us to where you get the “over 95%” data? (There is energy loss during the charging process. Remember, batteries get hot while charging – that’s lost energy.)

      While wireless is a bit less efficient some people are going to be willing to spend $1/week for the convenience of wireless charging. And wireless might be the best approach for street-side charging. If the “turtles” can be mounted where they are protected from snowplows there will likely be a lot less maintenance than keeping cables and plugs in good shape.

      • freedomev

        Again I don’t have time to teach you electronic power conversion, Modern switchmade chargers in EV’s are about 98% eff and lithium batteries have to be near 100% or they die. If the BMS is decent at all it’s 99% eff. There are good courses online if you want to learn.
        In the future with say 50 million EV’s each wasting say 1.5kwhr/day how much waste is that? If bigger packs like the trend is double or triple that.
        Now add the cost and copper and losses of an induction charger and it’s a loser.Plus in the road getting wet, frozen again and again with 440- 600VAC. Think about it.
        An automatic plug in if one is too stupid to do it oneself could be a better way.
        Do you have a life ? Or is harrassing people the way you get your jollies? I try to help people. What’s your problem questioning everyone with little knowledge based on your posts?

        • Bob_Wallace

          You’re really acting like a dick.

          How about dialing it back a level and produce some facts rather than simply assert that there is something somewhere that proves your point?

          • freedomev

            Why don’t you learn something yourself instead expecting others to bow to you. Have you heard of google? Did you notice your first line Troll?
            Prove me wrong. Come up with some data yourself.

          • Bob_Wallace

            Clean up your act or you are going away.

          • freedomev

            ———-So you’ll tell mommy I won’t play with you? I won’t play so now your are threatening me?
            ———-Get the hint and don’t reply to me anymore. Don’t you have better things to do than harrass me? Get a life.

          • Bob_Wallace

            No. If you continue to call people names I will ban you.

            You are welcome to post your opinion. You will be asked to support claims which you make that seem unrealistic. Most of us enjoy a good exchange, but a quality exchange of ideas is not possible when one or more parties are making stuff up.

            We work to make this a low BS site. If you spend some time here you will notice that Zach is very good about correcting mistakes in articles. Errors are not left standing. People who post questionable claims are challenged. Spammers are eliminated.

            I have not been harassing you. I have asked you on multiple occasions to give us some support for some of your rather dubious claims.

            If you wish to participate in this community then do so as a responsible grownup.

          • freedomev

            ——–You mean like calling me a d—? You certainly don’t correct your mistakes or even admit them.
            ————-When challenged to back up your claims you mislead, leave major details out or change the subject, etc. Yes You do harass me and try to bully me but instant requests for data.
            ———-When I ask you to back up your claim I’m wrong you just call me names. You have little desire to listen to anyone who differs from your rather narrow point of view. Maybe that is why so few post here.
            ——– I’ve done more RE, EV than you’ve ever thought about and all I get from you is abuse. Let Zack read all your and my posts and see what he says. If you don’t want my considerable expertise then I’ll be gald to leave. But you might want to look at yourself first.
            ———It’s your ego that is the problem.

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