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Published on October 29th, 2012 | by Chelsea


Poland Surpasses Original Green Power Output Target

October 29th, 2012 by  

Poland has more to be proud of than vodka and pierogi these days, as green power output has surpassed original estimates. With an abundance of renewable power on their hands (especially from wind farms that have been making the news recently) officials have signed a decree that forces utilities to increase the share of green energy sold to customers by 1 percent every year, according to Renewable Energy World.

Electricity from renewable sources is expected to be about 11 percent this year, slightly higher than the 10.4 percent requirement established in 2008. Along with wind farms, the green power increase is attributed to biomass power generation, which is undergoing its own change-up in Poland. The grade of wood used as biomass has been lowered, putting an end to the mandatory usage of high-quality wood. Requiring high quality wood for biomass power generation caused wood prices to spike in other industries.

Image: Poland stamp via Shutterstock

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is a former newspaper reporter who has spent the past few years teaching English in Poland, Finland and Japan. When she wasn't teaching or writing, Chelsea was traveling Europe and Asia, sampling spicy street food along the way.

  • mishasibirsk

    It might have been an interesting article. It seems to have disappeared. There are plenty of other articles, and a link to others by this author, but no: Poland Surpasses Original… Strange.

    • we had a short(ish) technical error recently. the post is showing for me now. check again?

  • Ema_

    Chelsea opens up this article with the insulting and degrading statement, “Poland has more to be proud of than vodka and pierogi these days, as green power output has surpassed original estimates.”

    So, Poland to Chelsea is nothing more than vodka and pierogi? Very simplistic assessment by a poorly informed columnist. How many years did she spend in Poland teaching English? Unbelievable.

    • Bob_Wallace

      How dare she not mention barszcz and pierogi?

      And k*apusta zasmażana* ?

      Oh, the indignity….

    • i think you’re overreacting. it’s a common journalistic style to focus on a couple of well-known favorites like this. knowing Chelsea, I can tell you that she likes much more of Poland than simply those two things… and I didn’t read it otherwise.

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