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Clean Power Solar Power Saves Lives

Published on October 16th, 2012 | by Charis Michelsen


The Life-Saving Benefits of Solar Power in Developing Countries

October 16th, 2012 by  

Solar power is fantastic. Here at Cleantechnica, we’ve talked a bit in the past about how solar power has affected nations worldwide, from developing to developed nations, and we’ve taken a look at some of the new and exciting ways to use solar energy. Today, we’d like to call your attention to British international development charity SolarAid — it’s chronicling how solar power literally saves lives in Africa.

Solar Power Saves Lives

SolarAid is promoting solar power in place of kerosene, which has a number of drawbacks as an energy source (it’s heavy and hard to transport, it’s extraordinarily flammable, and it gives off toxic fumes). Solar power does and is none of this. As Sami grover of TreeHugger writes:

“Take Brave Mhonie, for instance, who has experienced first hand the everyday hardships of living without reliable light, and seen impacts ranging from the inconvenient to the tragic. He’s had to run 10km just to buy kerosene. He’s had to curtail conversations with family early because there was no light to talk by. He’s been hospitalized from the impact of kerosene fumes. And he’s seen members of his community die for lack of light.”

Here’s a neat video on all this as well:

For more, check out SolarAid or the TreeHugger post mentioned above.

Image Source: SolarAid

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  • Solar energy

    What type of renewable energy resource is used in Qatar?
    Why has this been chosen?
    Can you please answer those questions if you have the answer, thank you.

    • Roschian Nidua

      Solar energy. Countries that have opted and developed solar energy have benefited a lot. At the convention, Qatar, along with other Gulf states Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, said they will be making efforts to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by reforming their energy sectors through the introduction of renewable energy sources. Qatar has also demonstrated strategies for investing and developing solar technologies. Presently Qatar is planning to replace 10 percent of total energy used for electricity generation and water desalination with solar power by 2018.The growing demand for energy in Qatar is one of the highest in world adding that with the abundance of sunshine the country receives made it ideal for solar-powered energy. In April, Qatar announced plans to spend around QAR70bn (US$19.2bn) on the expansion of its electricity and water networks between now and 2021.

      • Solar energy

        Thank you. That’s a very good answer for my first two questions (which type of renewable energy resource us used in Qatar & why has this been chosen). I really appreciate it and it’s really good that you included the cost of the panel. Any advantages or disadvantages?

    • Mandy Biggallow

      There aren’t many advantages or disadvantages. Since you’re on this website, there are a few ideas about the advantages and disadvantages and i’m guessing that they will be similar to the ones about the Qatar energy resources. Roschian Nidua indeed had a very good answer for your two questions.

      • Drake

        Nice. But may i just ask what has that picture have to do with this subject?

        • Mandy Biggallow

          Oh, that was a mistake. I clicked on the upload button and this picture came. I thought i had deleted it but oh well. It doesn’t really matter does it? What matters is the answer that i got. 🙂

          • Bob_Wallace

            Disqus has been messing around with its image functions and it doesn’t seem to be possible to delete images once selected.

            It’s a pain.

          • Drake

            True. They should have included that option to delete pictures because if you ever happen to upload a picture by mistake and you really want to delete it, you have to refresh or reopen the tap again which is totally a pain. I completely agree with you.

          • Bob_Wallace

            There’s an ‘X’ that should allow you to delete. It doesn’t work.

            I’ve contacted Disqus about other problems but they’re asses about replying. They fire off a “Thanks for your suggestion. We’ll take it under consideration.” And then nothing happens.

          • Mandy Bigallow

            True, true…. Such a pain… 🙁 If you’re wondering who is that in the picture, it’s actually this very famous youtuber. I never follow youtubers and stuff but i guess my daughter has put that in my documents by mistake when she was using the mac.

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