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Published on October 16th, 2012 | by Zachary Shahan


30 Romney Lies Nailed in 1 Video

October 16th, 2012 by  

As we prepare for the Romney–Obama presidential debate tonight, I think this is a must-watch video on Romney’s debate approach — lying. Here are 30 flat-out lies (or completely misinformed comments, if you want to be nice) Romney made in the first presidential debate on October 3:

h/t Red, Green, and Blue

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Zach is tryin' to help society help itself (and other species) with the power of the word. He spends most of his time here on CleanTechnica as its director and chief editor, but he's also the president of Important Media and the director/founder of EV Obsession and Solar Love. Zach is recognized globally as a solar energy, electric car, and energy storage expert. He has presented about cleantech at conferences in India, the UAE, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, the USA, and Canada. Zach has long-term investments in TSLA, FSLR, SPWR, SEDG, & ABB — after years of covering solar and EVs, he simply has a lot of faith in these particular companies and feels like they are good cleantech companies to invest in. But he offers no professional investment advice and would rather not be responsible for you losing money, so don't jump to conclusions.

  • voiceofreason

    I just love watching you americans hopelessly bicker over who you want to represent you during your countries downfall.
    Republicans are saying that pushing toward socialism would be the downfall of the country, yet 8% of the 14.1 TRILLION dollar national debt is owed to a communist country. (apperently communism does work when executed correctly)
    Not only does China have a lower unemployment rate, but they have a low percentage of people living under the international poverty line (2 dollar PPP a day). That taylored into a lower cost of living, I’d say maybe they’ve got the right idea.
    Democrats are pushing more taxes on higher level income citizens and buisnesses, yet big buisness has discovered/created so many loopholes and paid for bills to be pushed through congress it wouldn’t matter. How is it possible a company like General Electric got away with paying less taxes than the average american citizen?
    It’s quite simple, elect Romney= your country collapses,
    elect Obama= your country still collapses, just not as quickly as under Romney
    Face the Facts: your country is Firetrucked! without the iret, and the rest of the world is sitting back and laughing at you all, as well as hopign you don’t bring down everyone else with you.

  • D. Liddell

    Amazing! This is the most carefully worded and well presented Hogwash I have ever seen. There are more direct lies and misrepresentations in this video than l have seen any organization try and get away with in 30 years. I’m guessing they are trying deperately to not loose the large amounts of the Croney Capitalism $$$ they are likely receiving to spin such nonscense.
    Let’s get some facts straight, shall we? You get your data from the most well known left wing socialist hacks on the planet and misrepresent their information as non-partisan fact. Nothing could be further from the truth. You may habe a lot of money to create a polished official looking video but you don’t have enough money to change lies to truth! Trying to help a candidate win in this manner is an insult to tue intelegence to all that may see this and is, in fact, part of what is really the biggest problem with our country today.
    People – don’t be fooled by people who would profit from borrowed money as our country goes down the toilet. they could not care less about you. Mit Romney is the first good and honest man to run in either party for many years. Please check out all the facts for yourself. Most of it can be founr in the real records themselves and from the real bipartisan fact checkers. This is our country! Don’t let it be perminently lost to Dark Socialism – Once we go down that path, there is no freedom to help us return.

    The Coilition for Truth & Transparency in Government
    The Association of Freedom, Peace, Compassion, Charity & Love

    • Bob_Wallace

      ” Mit Romney is the first good and honest man to run in either party for many years.”

      A good man? He seems to be good to his family and church members.

      Honest? Mitt Romney is the most dishonest major candidate for president I’ve seen in my almost 50 years of voting. Dick Nixon was a liar, but he didn’t change his story day to day.

      Mitt is an incredible liar. I’m sorry you are too blind to see how he is lying to you on a constant basis.

    • voiceofreason

      “This is our country! Don’t let it be perminently lost to Dark Socialism”
      don’t you mean Big buisnesses country, when the last time citizens had and control over the government? 1945?????

  • Good post Zach,
    While no politician speaks the truth all the time (yes, prez Obama has lied and has failed to keep promises) Mr. Romney has a real penchant for lying through his teeth. With energy being the overwhelming issue Romney’s coal, oil and nuclear statement is enough to avoid him like the plague. Regardless, I’d look closely at congressional races as they, in the end, are more important.

    • yes, been really thinking we need to focus people in on their congresspeople more. that is really the biggie.

    • 19 Delta

      Ed – share why his energy policy should be avoided like the plague? You can’t just throw statements out there like that without providing some depth.

      • Because dear friend there are two main reasons why we need to avoid continuing burning (wasting a precious resource) fossil fuels and we need to decommission all nuclear plants. Fossil fuels are a withering resource (that have value far beyond our present use patterns) and alternatives (yes they exist) must be ramped up lest we get caught with our proverbial pants down.There is also the issue of climate change and it has implications that cannot be ignored. Also there are other exigent downsides to altering the atmosphere and changing the PH of the oceans. Damage to human health and to ocean resources. Romney’s energy plan is backward thinking and just plain ridiculous in light of what the world’s energy needs are now and what they will be in the future.

        Nuclear energy is NOT CHEAP and the consequences of mishaps far outweigh and falsely perceived benefits. Unless you think making depleted uranium into bullets and spewing it all over “our enemies territories” is a good and moral thing, I suggest that the problem of the disposal of radioactive waste is a nightmare that we have yet to wake from. As I write this the background radiation in the northern hemisphere is far above normal due to the CONTINUING DISASTER in Japan. Can you say >cancer, genetic abnormalities and other various medical problems?

        I’m sorry if you can’t grasp this Delta but I fear for your children (if you have any) as much as I do for my own.

        With best personal regards,

        • We suffered the effects of the Nuclear power plants, and the energy was SOLD to other states. Now we suffer the results of the coal plants. It’s a nightmare.

          • One day while I was at the hospital getting a mammogram,( we have one of the highest breast cancer rates in our country including men and leukemia in children) I saw the nurse receive a hospital document/report that listed the city/area as having one of the highest rates in our country for women having miscarriages. Not a pretty picture. It’s very depressing as well as dangerous. I hope that others can avoid these conditions.

  • Ted

    Only an uneducated person or fool would make such a
    statement as ’30 Romney Lies Nailed in 1 Video, let alone believe it. If you haven’t understood already, this is
    politics. Each side building a case
    against the other with a different perspective.
    I love how those pulling for Obama can overlook all his ‘political’ obfuscations
    and call Romney a liar. This is not only
    disingenuous and hypocritical but highly
    disappointing from those who would allow this kind of intellectual dishonesty on
    a web site that, I am certain, would consider itself a purveyor of truth. Sorry
    Zach, your web-site just went down several notches in my estimation.

    • Bob_Wallace

      Ted, Mitt lied last night about initiating the search for female candidates for positions when he was elected governor of Mass. Groups of women had put lists together prior to the election and presented those names to him right after his election.

      Mitt lied last night when he repeatedly claimed that PBO did not attribute the death of our ambassador to an act of terror the day after it happened. He lied when he said that the President attributed it to the video on that day.

      Mitt has told one version of who he is to the far right and another version to the general public.

      Be honest with yourself. Your candidate is not being honest with you.

    • i didn’t make the video, just shared it, but very much seemed worthy of sharing.

      • michaelanthony56


        • Bob_Wallace

          I agree with your sentiments.

          But unlock your Caps Lock. Shouting is rude.

      • theotherguy

        I was all for Romney, until one thing. He said he supported the coal and oil industry. I don’t like Obama either but, he does support more green energy initiatives. I am attending college for renewable energy, it would be wrong to vote for Romney, then I would be a hippocrit

        • exactly.

          to be quite honest, it’s absurd that any political candidate would be for coal & oil and against clean energy. very few US citizens want dirty energy, and the vast majority love clean energy. see: http://solarlove.org/americans-love-solar-republicans-democrats-alike/
          nonetheless, in politics, money speaks, and big coal and oil money are behind Romney. nascent wind and solar industries don’t have much sway over that party on the federal level.

          • That’s very true. Our state started using coal plants after they dismantled the Nuclear power plants. Many in our area suffer from lung disease, asthma, the air quality is often so bad they reccomend we do not leave the house. One person didn’t read a statement on a board one day just spewed you live in a state that pollutes our air with your filthy coal plants. Ouch. I don’t condone and I had nothing to do with their being built or operations, I’m just another suffering from the results of the very bad air quality.

    • I find this to be accurate. Thanks to the author.

  • Mr Ed

    It is obvious you are in the tank for O’bama and you did not list all of the lies O’bama has told. I suggest you lay out an energy plan that you think is best for the country and give us the evidence that you are right. I react much better to a good plan.

    • Bob_Wallace

      Damn right we are, at least I am.

      I’d list any lies that PBO has told, but I’m unaware of any. (He does have a couple of promises which he hasn’t fulfilled, but I don’t see those as lies.)

      PBO has got to be one of the most truthful politicians I’ve ever seen in my fairly long life. Jimmy Carter is the only other major politician who I’d put in the same category. Perhaps Harry Truman, but I don’t have a very clear memory of him, not yet voting age.

      Here’s the energy plan I think best for the country.

      1) Install wind, solar, and geothermal at breakneck speed. If tidal proves out then ramp it up rapidly as well.

      2) Give storage technology all the assistance it needs to develop the best way to store power to fill in when solar and wind are not filling the grid.
      3) Close all the coal plants as quickly as possible. Let solar, wind and natural gas replace them.

      4) Put maximum effort into efficiency. It’s generally much, much cheaper to avoid energy use than to create new generation.

      5) Do what is needed to get the range of EVs up and the cost down. Right now all of use would be fine driving either an EV or a PHEV and we could cut our oil use by 80%.

      Now, there’s an energy plan that the world can live with.

      • theotherguy

        the problem with energy dependency is we cannot be dependent on just one source. This is what we did with coal and oil. Now the wells are in jeopardy of running dry. We need a conservative mix of all these technologies to “ween” us off coal and oil. How many people out there do you know that are ready to give up that hummer, or the fancy stretched limo, or their souped up hot rod? Better have an alternative for them too, or you lose their vote. Our country strives on excess. It’s not just the politicians fault, it’s all of ours.

        • Bob_Wallace

          Everyone I know considers fuel efficiency when car shopping. Hummer went out of business.

          Everyone who buys a new car from now on is going to buy a more efficient car because each year the CAFE standards rise to the point in 2025 where they are double what they are today.

          Car companies will work hard to give “big vehicle” people choices. We are seeing full sized pickups and SUVs PHEVs coming to market in the next few months.

          And if you want a tire-smokin’ hot rod get yourself an EV. Check out the White Zombie…

    • i didn’t make the video, just shared it.

      if you look through our daily content, you might get an idea. 😀

      but in one piece, here’s a good comprehensive piece on what we need to do: http://thinkprogress.org/climate/2011/01/10/207320/the-full-global-warming-solution-how-the-world-can-stabilize-at-350-to-450-ppm/

    • If you are referring to me I beg to differ. I am NOT in the tank, as you say, for Obama. He has been a real disappointment on many levels. I’m still weighing voting for Jill but election day is still three weeks away. However, what is really important here is that Mr Romney not be able to get his hand anywhere near the tiller. He is a menace to the citizens of our nation and also to the rest of the world. I’m not pro Obama, I’m ANTI Romney.
      This forum and the time that I have now is too limited to lay out my plan. However, I have posted a plan on my blog (energyquicksand.com) and you are welcome to read it and comment if you like. I would say the same to you if you support Romney’s disastrous plan, which really isn’t a plan at all.

      • Bob_Wallace

        ” I’m still weighing voting for Jill but election day is still three weeks away. However, what is really important here is that Mr Romney not be able to get his hand anywhere near the tiller.”

        Voting for Jill does nothing to help keep Mr Romney’s hand off the tiller.
        Vote to protect your future in November and then work to make the next set of choices fit your agenda.

        Your only reasonable option, if you don’t think PBO is a good candidate, is to play defense and keep a worse candidate out.

        • I know Bob. I am struggling with this issue. I will however only vote for “green” representatives. It is a very frustrating situation. In all of my 67 years I have never seen a race where the options are so dismal. None the less, your point is well taken.

          • Bob_Wallace

            In my 68 years I’ve often gone into the polling booth and wished there were candidates who better fit my positions.

            I’ve never found a race in which one of the candidates was a worst fit and if nothing else I found it in my best interest to vote against that person. I really didn’t like voting for Humphrey but had more of us done so we could have avoided Nixon.

            I vote “green” when there is no chance that the most anti-green will win. That’s something that happens at times here in CA. I voted for the Green Party candidate running against Senator Feinstein because the race was not in doubt. I wouldn’t vote for someone with no chance of winning if it increased the chance of another George Bush or Richard Nixon or and of the anti-green Republican senators or representatives gaining office.

            I’m going to do what I can to protect my rear end in November. I’ll use my primary vote to help create the best possible choice in November.

          • Bob_Wallace

            Yes, I am trying to twist your arm.

            You and I both want a lot more progress toward getting us off fossil fuels and cleaning up our planet. We’d both like to vote for representatives senators and presidents that work tirelessly for make good things happen.

            Those perfect candidates have not made it to the November ballot. At least with enough support to win.

            Let’s go back to January 2009 and welcome President McCain.

            Would President McCain have given us an EPA that shut down over 100 dirty coal plants? Would he have negotiated with the car companies to double efficiency requirements by 2025?

            I’ll vote for making some progress over making no progress.

            Even the least green representative or senator (think Landrieu of Lousiana who is in oil’s pocket) counts when it comes to deciding who has the majority.

  • Jody

    Please post the video on the 300+ lies of Obama, or save yourself the embarrassment

    • Bob_Wallace

      Please don’t embarrass yourself with ridiculous junk like that.

      What would your mother think?

    • should we publish that one of yours? 😀

  • Rob

    It will be difficult for me to make a call one way or the other but I did not hear one mention of lies of the current Pres. I listened to a few minutes of the debate and turned it off but in those few short moments heard the president talking about stopping and detaining what appears to be illegal aliens and requiring ID with no cause for the stop other than that they look like an illegal. That is an entirely false statement or boldface lie. The law states that the officer who makes the stop has to have probable cause for the detaining, the same as with any other violation.
    The officers cannot randomly stop a person just because he looks “Hispanic’ contrary to what many folks believe or what they want you to believe. Lastly if you think for one moment that most of all politicians don’t lie you are living under a rock.

    • Bob_Wallace

      Arizona passed a law that gave law enforcement officers the right to stop anyone they thought looked “illegal” and demand ID.

      The Supreme Court struck down that law in June 2012.

      The SC left standing the part about being able to demand proof of legal residence if the person was stopped for another reason.

      Get your facts straight.

  • Matthew

    Hey Wait a second, where are the usual naysayers debating and saying all sorts of crazy things? The truth really is boring these days isn’t it?

  • mk1313

    Now Obama needs to call Romney out on these lies and any new ones during the next debate instead of letting these things slide! The ammo is out there now bury Romney in his own CRAP!

    • looks like he did so on a few in the 2nd debate. but could have been even more.

      • mk1313

        If I were to falsify information in my application for a job, which being president is since you get payed for it, I would be denied employment. The same should be done to politicians, you lie you don’t get the job or get fired!

  • diodermod

    Nice one, Mr. Shahan.

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