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Published on October 14th, 2012 | by Guest Contributor


Looking for an Eco-Friendly Office? Here Are Our Tips

October 14th, 2012 by  

As a small business — and a green one — you might sometimes have the difficult challenge of going about things in an eco-friendly way, yet presenting yourself as a professional outfit that can deliver on a big scale. This can create problems in all sorts of ways — such as having to plan in advance in order to arrive by train versus a quicker and more convenient (but greenhouse-gas-emitting) flight.¬†Your challenge can even be something as simple as finding recycled materials upon which to print signs, brochures or other important marketing matter.

And then there’s the physical location of your business, which might be small and eco-friendly in certain ways, but likely presents challenges when it comes to hosting clients or making presentations in front of groups, due to its size and possibly due to its location.

One environmentally friendly solution is to consider using conference facilities from i2office.co.uk for occasional meetings, or for your weekly office needs. There are several advantages to doing this that can benefit your business and shrink your carbon footprint. For one, having a rented space in a large facility that shares cleaning services and is close to an urban centre can be much more efficient than businesses located further afield. Not only will your customer base be able to access you more easily and use less petrol to get to you, but you will be closer to services you might need, lowering transport costs and fuel consumption. Some conference facilities are even near bicycle couriers for efficient and clean transportation of office supplies and other items that your business might require.

Of course, a big benefit to renting office or conference facilities is that you will raise your profile and will be seen by clients or partners in a professional environment that says “you mean business” — a message that can bolster your company and cause, and, when done in an eco-friendly way, can even ease your conscience.

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