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Published on October 6th, 2012 | by Adam Johnston


SolarCity Increases New York Presence

October 6th, 2012 by  

SolarCity, one of America’s top renewable energy service providers, this week announced expansion of its New York operations.

The company has just opened up shop in both Long Island and Westchester County. The announcement goes hand in hand with another expansion SolarCity had recently announced, new operations opened in July in Albany, New York.

“Under Governor Cuomo’s NY-Sun program, we are dramatically increasing solar energy installations all across New York. Today’s announcement by SolarCity shows that NY-Sun is not only good energy and environmental policy, it is also good for business and the economy of the State. We are proud to welcome SolarCity to Westchester and Long Island,” said Robert M. Hallman, New York Secretary for Energy and the Environment, in a press release.

At a time when solar prices continue to fall, many people remain concerned that solar energy is too expensive for them.

Image Credit: SolarCity vans by BrokenSphere (some rights reserved)

However, even if you’ve got nothing or close to nothing to put down on a solar power installation, thanks to SolarCity’s unique business operations, which allows business and homeowners to have free solar installation, and then pay less for solar electricity than they would under a normal utility contract. This model makes solar electricity more affordable for those who would normally not been able to use solar energy.

Meanwhile, according to the release, the new 32,500 square foot operation center will be headed in Elmsford, New York, a part of the Westchester County area. The center will be a training center hub for SolarCity’s East Coast operations, while allowing for services within the New York region.

Pending approval from the Long Island Power Authority, the company hopes to have its first solar lease option available to Long Island residents soon.

“This expansion brings new jobs and cleaner power to New York,” said SolarCity’s Northeast Regional Vice President Ed Steins.

“Installers, electricians, construction managers and field sales are good local jobs that can’t be outsourced,” Steins said, mentioning the job potential with some of the jobs available at SolarCity.

The company can especially thank the NY-Sun initiative, which was signed into legislation by New York state lawmakers this past August to spur further solar investment and jobs.

The company has already filled 100 full-time jobs (and 30 more are still open) in the New York area. If interested, you can apply for one or more on the SolarCity website.

Green New York Metro homeowners who are looking to get a free solar consultation at no obligation can call 1-888-765-2489 (1-888-SOL-CITY) or go to the website for further help.

Source: SolarCity

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