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Published on October 4th, 2012 | by Jake Richardson


550 MW Solar Project in California Backed by Japan’s Sumitomo

October 4th, 2012 by  


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A very large (very, very large) solar power plant in California will have Sumitomo Corp as a 25% investor, the company just announced.

First Solar is building the plant, which should be operational by 2015. The Desert Light plant is being constructed in Riverside County. Agreements are in place for the new plant to send power to Pacific Gas and Electric and Southern California Edison. A loan for the Desert Light plant was backed by the US Department of Energy.

If you’re not familiar with Sumitomo, it is one of the world’s largest investment and trading companies.

Environmental concerns over desert tortoises have slowed the Desert Light project, but apparently everyone is confident it will be constructed within the next few years.

Image Credit: Tigerhawkvok, Wiki Commons

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  • Desert tortises? In the next few years?
    So, 3 to 4 years of unnesessary pollution and brown outs because we can’t funnel 200 illegal aliens there in the off-picking season from peeing on GMO veggies to help mrelocate them?
    No, instead we just let them vote with no ID cards……Obama…you can’t manage a program, let alone a country…….

    • Bob_Wallace

      Stan, perhaps you need to get an inside job and stay out of the sun for a while.

      The President does not write immigration laws. Republicans in Congress make any sensible immigration impossible.

      Illegal aliens are not voting in our elections. That’s a load of Republican clap-trap that they’ve started in an attempt to disenfranchise votes who would probably vote for Democrats. Attempting to keep legal Americans from voting is treasonous.

      PBO is doing a pretty good job of cleaning up the incredible mess left behind by eight years of Republican “presidenting”. If Republicans in Congress had done anything at all to help rather than doing everything they could to make America fail we’d be in a lot better shape now.

      PBO presented a bill that would cut taxes on employers who hired new workers. Republicans killed that attempt to create new jobs – and cut taxes.

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