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Published on October 2nd, 2012 | by Jake Richardson


24.9 GW of Renewable Energy Capacity for Japan by 2016?

October 2nd, 2012 by  

CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets has estimated Japan could have 7.6 GW of wind power by 2016. For solar, that estimate is 17.3 GW by 2014. Combine those two and you have 24.9 GW by 2016. The total offshore wind potential is at least 1,600 GW. Onshore is 280 GW.


Japan has set a three-year window for very high feed-in tariffs to encourage  explosive renewable energy. (Extremely explosive might be more accurate.) Though these numbers may seem ludicrously ambitious and even laughable to some, one only needs to consider the shuttering of nuclear power in Japan to understand the urgency of the energy situation there.

As already noted on CleanTechnica in June, Japan’s feed-in tariff rates could vault their clean energy production to levels alongside Germany and similarly enthusiastic clean energy early adopters. The tariff for wind there is currently the highest in the world.

Japan had been getting about one-fifth of its power from nuclear reactors, so as they are phased out completely, there will be no alternative other than to develop new sources and nothing makes as much as sense as clean energy because it fits the view of a saner future much better. A big push for clean energy also might benefit the economy which is not doing well. In fact, there are early signs it could slip into a recession.

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  • David Deyell

    Skeptical. Just plug c**2 into your calculator and convert it to gigawatt hours. Looks like dreams to me.

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  • Ronald Brak

    Actually, given their high feed in tariff they may exceed their target. There is enough difference between the feed in tariff and the cost of buying electricity from the grid to encourage home energy storage, so Japan might do for the price of energy storage what Germany did for solar panels – create enough demand to massively lower their cost in just a few years.

    One problem is that Japan doesn’t have as much roof space per person as say Australia or the US, but they also use less electricity per person. And they are going to replace a lot of their building stock over the next decade or so, which will give the opportunity to build many roofs that are optimized for solar panels.

    • ” so Japan might do for the price of energy storage what Germany did for solar panels – create enough demand to massively lower their cost in just a few years. ”

      — i’m very curious about this / hoping to see this happen.

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