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Published on September 28th, 2012 | by Guest Contributor


Consider a Radical Stand to Avert Global Warming — And More

September 28th, 2012 by  

By Daniel Rirdan, Author of The Blueprint: Averting Global Collapse

Get Real is a grassroots organization whose goal is the reduction of our ecological footprint on the planet — to an extent sufficient to avert an eventual collapse of the various ecosystems, and also, indirectly, the caving-in of the manmade world.

It is not just the threat of climate change. It is also eventual water and fossil fuel shortages, unraveling of the ecosystems, and the social and economic aftermath. This century stands to be the grand finale for the last 45,000 years if we don’t do something.

This is a moment of truth. If we do nothing of real substance, we will go down as the generation that could, but did not, the generation that sold out the future of their own children for the comfort of the moment, for the fear of looking in the mirror, and for the aversion of getting our feet wet and our hands dirty. It is not every century that a generation gets to choose — via their actions or inactions — what is to be written on their collective tombstone.

Unlike most initiatives, the 19 specified targets of Get Real are concrete and as far-reaching as is needed. Get Real does not presume we can negotiate with nature — that is, with the physical reality. Among its set of 19 concrete, quantifiable measures, Get Real seeks to electrify the vehicle fleet within fifteen years, reduce aviation to fraction of its existing volume, and replace fossil-fuel power generation facilities with lower impact ones — and it has viable schemes how we may go about doing these things.

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