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Published on September 21st, 2012 | by Jake Richardson


Trump Trashes Wind Power in Palm Springs

September 21st, 2012 by  

Donald Trump has posted some peculiar comments on Twitter criticizing wind power. You can see one of them here:

Apparently, he doesn’t like wind power at all. He also tweeted this on Sept. 19:

How likely is it that wind turbines would be located in someone’s back yard? Furthermore, there’s no evidence of them destroying property value. In fact, farmers who put them on their land get a huge financial boost.

One of the curious things about his Palm Springs wind power bashing, is that the area is home to many golf courses. Their construction often disrupts or damages natural habitats, so why doesn’t he mention that fact?

Trump is opposing the development of wind power in Scotland because he says it will spoil the views at his golf course there. It was reported the course’s construction destroyed habitat for local birds (a project fought by true environmentalists for years).

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  • Not only is this buffoon overbearing, arrogant, Ill mannered and rude he is also about a smart as pile of rocks. NIMBY to the Nth degree.

  • rkt9

    I guess it is all in the eye of the beholder, I see the beauty of clean energy, the power of nature producing that energy. Sure it spoils some views, and perhaps one day, we will find better ways, and can remove them. For now, it is a small sacrifice to make for the good of the whole world.
    As for Donald Trump…who cares what he thinks or tweets? I’ll bet if we painted a resemblence of his face on the nose cones of the wind turbines he’d like them just fine.

    • Anne

      Good idea, what about a tower in marble, a crystal nacelle and gilded rotor, all lined with diamonds to suit his good taste.

    • ha, great idea! or let him put is name across them in neon.

  • SirSparks

    He’s just pissed as a proposed Off Shore Scottish wind farm might *spoil* his golf course plans there.

  • stan s

    Donald…..if you really gave a crap about how you come across to the public….you wouldn’t say things like this.
    Golf? That’s not even a sport, it’s a good ‘ol boy club of self absorbed “wish they were a star” wannabes, kinda like a garage band wanting to be rock stars……and YOU, are a prime example…..playing a REAL sport would have you puffing like a steam engine….but you need to look cool, right? Whackin’ a pock marked ball? OOOOO, what a he-man!!!!!!!!!! How about a game of racketball buddy? Hahahaha And BTW, maybe we resent you for being able to be green, and you couldn’t care less…..
    I used to admire you years ago, and even for standing up for us over the birther issue…..but THIS crap has got to go Donald, I’m embarrassed FOR you

  • Anne

    Don’t give a platform to this clown.

  • Sambar

    Maybe he would prefer a beautiful oil refinery near his hotel.

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