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Published on August 31st, 2012 | by Cynthia Shahan


“Bogotá Change” Reveals a Refreshed Bogota in Film

August 31st, 2012 by  

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UUoJIHJXkU&version=3&hl=en_US]

Passionate film is documentary film. Documentary film is concerned, is about educating, and, in this case, about applauding the overcoming of the old. The recently released Sundance film Bogotá Change, part of Cities on Speed (trailer above), is the documentary I’m talking about, and it looks like a must-watch.

“Bogota has transformed from one of the early ’90s’ worst cities into a successful metropolis.”

Andraas M Daalsgard’s film “forms a narrative from archived footage and expert interviews” and shows “the break from traditional politics…. as a case study of how a community and its leaders can change habits and take on corruption, violence, and the task of modernizing a city.”

Photo by Andreas Møl Dalsgaard via the Danish Film Institute

The film incorporates beautiful time-lapse displays of demolitions and renewal in the city.

Enjoy making sense of such political transformation in this hour-long film.

TheCityFix seems to hit the real heartbeat of this film, and the group of films it is a part of: “The real class conflict today, is not the one predicted between a few billionaires and the rest of the [workers]. No, the real class conflict in developing countries is between those with cars and the rest of society…. A bicycle lane is a powerful symbol of equality. It shows that a citizen on a $30 bicycle is equally important to one in a $30,000 car” – Enrique Peñalosa

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