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Published on August 26th, 2012 | by Zachary Shahan


California Plug-In Car Owners Driving Less & Saving Serious Money

August 26th, 2012 by  

As reported previously here on CleanTechnica, electric car drivers save serious money on fuel (and electric cars really are a lot better for the environment). Now, going beyond theory and models, a survey of plug-in car owners in California has backed up those findings from the Union of Concerned Scientists, and the hunch of all of us cleantech lovers. Here’s more from sister site Gas2:

Survey: California Plug-In Car Owners Drive Less, Make More Money (via Gas 2.0)

Among alternative fuel advocates, there is a raging debate as to the viability of pure electric cars. Many people argue that the limited range of EVs makes them impractical for most Americans. But a new survey of America’s largest plug-in car market, California, reveals that plug-in car owners drive…

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  • In California…..$100,000 to $150,000 is NOT wealthy….it’s what is the mdeian income for the people who can own a home and have a car payment of $500. These people pay more to live than anywhere besides Manhatten and some places in NJ. My ex girlfriend’s property taxes were $18,000 per year alone….that’s 12 to 18% of the income in this article respectively. You can maintain the same lifestyle in Delaware, for instance….on 1/2 that income

    • it is much more expensive to live in CA, but not that much more. median household income in the state from 2006-2010 was ~ $60,000:

      of course, some areas are much more expensive (ahem, Silicon Valley). but such areas are quite clearly inhabited by the more well-off.

  • Patrick Kee

    Nothing “begs the question” unless it is a circular argument.

  • Senior

    I think that this is a great survey – 1,400 out of 12,000 owners. In Vancouver, BC all new single family homes are required to have a 220 volt outlet for charging PEVs.

    Suggesting that mostly high income earners purchase PEVs ignores that the stat is for household incomes. How many are earner households? More income may also indicate higher education and more interest & time for self-education.

    • Great points, and great to hear about the Vancouver requirement! Way to look to the future! 😀

      • Bob_Wallace

        Putting the requirement in place for new construction makes massive sense.
        The only cost is for a few feet of wire, an outlet, and a bit of labor. All the permitting/inspection costs are part of the entire structure package.

        I think it’s San Francisco that has required new apartment parking lots to install the conduit that would be needed to install outlets. With the conduit in place it will be easy to pull the wire and hook things up. Another forward looking idea.

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