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Published on August 6th, 2012 | by Jo Borrás


Agri-Cube: Your Driveway is a High-tech Urban Farm (w/ Video)

August 6th, 2012 by  

From homemade honey to home-brewed beer to homegrown vegetables, more and more people are turning to urban and suburban farming to meet their personal demands for sustainable, organic produce. It’s a good thing. Unfortunately, some neighborhoods and homeowner’s associations feel differently. Combine legal hurdles with fickle weather, drought, pests, and theft, and you can see that urban farming can sometimes be more work than expected. That’s where the Agri-Cube comes in.

The Agri-Cube is a POD-sized hydroponic “office” designed by engineers from Japan to produce the maximum number of all-weather veggies with a minimum space requirement, and it comes complete with variable lighting and climate control.

Each one of these efficient Agri-Cube food factories can yield 10,000 fruits and vegetables per year, and provides everything plants need to grow, from lighting that can be adjusted for each type of plant to water recycling (which helps to reduce the Cube’s environmental footprint).

The Cubes run on electricity, of course, but can be equipped to make use of solar panels to generate the electricity needed to run the system. Something like the SolarKiosk‘s panels should do the trick.

You can get a sense of how the Agri-Cube works in the video, below.

The Agri-Cube is expected to cost about 70,000 USD, and is initially being marketed to restaurants, hospitals, hotels, and other businesses that can benefit from a local, consistant source of vegetables. As for me, I’d definitely welcome a few freshly-grown vegetable during the chilly Chicago holidays… all I need now is about $70,000!

Source: DigInfo, via Treehugger

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