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Published on July 7th, 2012 | by Zachary Shahan


Is the Wind Industry Leaving the US due to Congressional Inaction? Yep.

July 7th, 2012 by  


As stated for many, many months now, Congress needs to extend the production tax credit (PTC) for wind power in order to save tens of thousands of US jobs. And it needs to do so, like,… 6 months ago. It seems the industry is already moving out a lot of investment and jobs, or plans for such, due to the slow pace of this dysfunctional Congress.

From Greentech Media:

First Wind, based in Boston, took $211 million plus a $150 million loan from Canadian utility Emera Inc. for 49 percent of Northeast Wind Partners, a partnership which will handle First Wind’s eight-project, three-state, 385-megawatt northeastern business. Looking to Canada, where renewable energy retains big mandates and incentives, First Wind said the new partnership could lead to $3 billion in future investment and 1.2 gigawatts of new wind.

EDP Renewables North America, the second biggest wind U.S. developer after NextEra Energy, reportedly wants to sell 707 megawatts of operating wind projects and a 1.4-gigawatt development pipeline and Spanish utility Iberdrola Renovables is reportedly re-evaluating its U.S. strategy.

The town of Gillett, Wisconsin, population 1,256, will lose 45 jobs when Wausaukee Composites, a plastic and fiberglass wind turbine component maker, closes its Gillette factory August 31. Many small businesses in wind’s supply chain across the U.S. will soon be following suit.

At Windpower 2012 in June, GE Energy announced recent deals in Turkey, Canada and Brazil, and CEO Vic Abate called Europe, Canada, China, Brazil and India “the growth markets of the immediate future.”

For more wind industry trends, check out: Winds of Change: The Wind Industry Is Leaving the US.

Image Credit: wind turbines & sunset via Shutterstock

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  • Matt

    Wait, I just thought of a way for Ed to be happy about this. It helps kill jobs in the US, so we head back into bad economic times.

  • ed wolfe

    And that’s a good thing .
    Windpower is so wrong .

    • 37,000 US jobs, gone. You’re cheering that on?

      • Bob_Wallace

        Of course.

        The more people unemployed, the better chance Mittens has to become president.

        That’s been the Republican strategy for the last two years, keep the economy in the ditch and take back the White House.

        Take back the White House, cut taxes on the really rich, and screw the rest of us.

        • Think it’s even been the strategy for 4 years — they’ve just had a much better time of it with the House in their hands.

    • mk1313

       Really. why?  At or near the cost of coal, no emissions, renewable, has been used successfully for thousands of years.  Just what exactly is so wrong?  Oh, yes, it doesn’t put gobs of money into the pockets of the filthy (literal) rich oil and gas sector.

      • Plus, huge portions of the public have apparently been brainwashed by those oil & gas tycoons. And being unbrainwashed is rather unpleasant.

        • mk1313

           Ah yes the Rush Limbaugh/Fox (NOT)News mindless zombie effect.

    •  Don’t even try to explain this, you would only embarrass yourself further.

      • matt

        Your R correct Sola, I’ve started to reply to Ed several times. But I think Ed is so far off the cliff, there is no way to bring him into the light. If he has read any of the blog and can still say the above, he is not open to reason. 

    • Luke

       I love how the above OP makes a claim with no evidence to back it up!

      GTFO of here.

    • Captivation

      Windpower only seems wrong when you’re fighting the winds of change.  Change direction and “may the wind will be always at your back”.

      • Can count on you to come up with an excellent line, eh? 😀

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